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Sony chairman and former CEO Howard Stringer to retire in June

Howard Stringer, board chairman and former CEO of Sony, will retire from the firm in June in order to pursue other opportunities such sitting on the board of companies in the “healthcare and education fields.”

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  • Hirai: PlayStation to lead Sony back into profitability

    Sony Corp EVP and SCE chairman Kaz Hirai has said the PlayStation business will bring back profitability to the company, beginning with the western launch of PlayStation Vita. Hirai made the quote in a CES roundtable to a group of journalists, reported by Reuters, alongside Sony Corp president Howard Stringer. Stringer insisted on his part […]

  • Sony dismisses report claiming Hirai is replacing Stringer

    Sony has dismissed a recent report which claimed the company was planning to replace current president Howard Stringer with Kazuo Hirai.

  • Sony says brand is recovering after PSN attacks

    The embattled CEO of Sony, Sir Howard Stringer, spoke today at an annual Tokyo meeting. He took the oppontunity to apologize for the PSN attacks, and defend his position.

  • Stringer: Sony hacked because it “tried to protect” content

    Sony CEO Sir Howard has said Sony was hacked because it “tried to protect” its content from those who “want everything to be free”.

  • Sony head not informed of 2008 PSN hacks

    Sony chief Sir Howard Stringer has said he wasn’t even aware of past attacks on the PlayStation Network.

  • Sony defends delay in public PSNgate announcement

    Two weeks ago, a Tokyo press conference found Sony to be apologetic and remorseful. Now though, the company has had enough of being the victim, and is striking back.

  • Sony: Only a "very small percentage" of PSN users canceled their accounts over hack

    Sony president Kazuo Hirai has said only a “very small percentage” of folks have called into the customer support centers in order cancel their PSN accounts over the recent hacking fiasco.

  • Sony head Stringer issues personal apology for PSNgate

    Sony chairman, president and CEO Sir Howard Stringer has penned a letter to PlayStation Network and Qriocity members, assuring of the company’s utmost efforts to restore both services and ensure ongoing security.

  • PS boss climbs Sony ladder as restructure shuffles divisions

    PlayStation boss Kazuo Hirai has been promoted to executive deputy president of Sony, and may take over as chief executive when current incumbent Howard Stringer retires.

  • Report: Hirai in hot-seat for Sony Corp president role

    We have literally touched this man. That photo didn’t take itself, you know.

  • Stringer dismisses Kotick PS3 threat as "noise"

    Sony Corp head Howard Stringer has shrugged off threats from Acti Blizz boss Bobby Kotick that he may drop support for PS3 unless there’s a price cut. “He likes to make a lot of noise,” Stringer told Reuters, speaking at the Allen & Co conference in Sun Valley, Idaho this week. “He’s putting pressure on […]

  • Expanded PSN to "should" launch "next spring"

    Sony “should” roll out the long-promised expanded version of PSN next spring, according to this Fortune report. The updated service will bridge Sony devices, such as phones and cameras as well as PlayStation products. From the piece: While Sony executives are short on the specifics, Hirai says the new service will overlay the backbone of […]

  • Sony to halve component suppliers in cost cutting move

    According to the AP, Sony has said it will be halving the number of parts suppliers it uses in order to reduce overheads. It aims to lower buying costs by 20 percent, or 500 billion yen ($5.3b/£3.4b) throughout the year. In order to achieve this goal, Sony will limit the number of parts suppliers it […]

  • PSN to spread to other Sony hardware, says Stringer

    Sony corp head Howard Stringer’s told Nikkei Electronics Asia that PSN is to be found across hardware other that PS3, a move the exec describes as a shift to an “open” system. “We developed brand new, absolutely incredible technology for the PlayStation 3 (PS3), but the cost was high. We’ve adopted a slightly different approach […]

  • Sony gets cabinet reshuffle, Stringer new president

    Sony Corp. chairman Howard Stringer plans to implement a “company wide” reshuffle designed to make Sony more green, innovative and agile, writes PCWorld. The restructuring will come into effect on April which will see Stringer become president of the company. Stringer will also retain his chairman and CEO status. Not bad. “Consumers want products that […]

  • Stringer: PS3 and PSP combined userbase now over 61m

    Speaking at the Sony keynote at CES 09 yesterday, CEO Howard Stringer said that PlayStation 3 and PSP now have an accumulated userbase of over 61 million units. Stringer then gave the mic to Sony Computer Entertainment CEO Kaz Hirai who proclaimed that $1m dollars of gumpf has been sold through Sony Home. You can […]

  • Wii may have "superior business model," says Stringer

    Speaking to Die Welt, Sony boss Howard Stringer has admitted that Nintendo’s wacky idea of actually making money on hardware may be “superior” to the opposite. “The major difference lies in the fact that Nintendo makes money with the hardware alone, which may be a superior business model,” he said. “But the Wii is not […]

  • Wii is a "niche gaming device," says Sony's Stringer

    Sony CEO Howard Stringer has labelled Nintendo Wii nothing more than a “nice gaming device” – and an expensive one at that. Speaking at the Allen & Co media conference in Sun Valley, Idaho last week, he said: “I’ve played a Nintendo Wii. I don’t see it as a competitor. It’s more of an expensive […]

  • Sony boss: PlayStation profitability is top priority

    Missed this yesterday, for some reason. According to this Bloomberg report, Sony boss Howard Stringer told investors yesterday that the company’s top management priority is “to restore profitability in our television and game businesses.” Tons more through the link. This probably translates as “don’t expect a PS3 price cut this year, bucko.”

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