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  • Vicarious, Raven Software, High Moon defend Activision in wake of lay-offs

    The vocal minority’s opinions only mean so much, but when it’s calling you “the evil empire,” it might be time to set the record straight. Such was the aim of a recent PAX East panel, during which Activision-owned studios Vicarious Visions, Raven Software, and High Moon stormed the stage with some sunshine and butterflies to […]

  • Screens and details - Transformers: The War for Cybertron

    Activision handed out some screens for Transformers: The War for Cybertron at GDC yesterday, and you can check ’em out below the break along with some more information on the game.

  • Bourne man on EA: "We're dealing with grown ups now"

    In a less than complimentary comment towards the now defunct Sierra, Keith Boesky, an independent agent who represents the Robert Ludlum estate, has claimed a new deal with EA means the author’s IP is now being handled by “grown ups.” “EA came in the strongest, had the best take on the property, and they know […]

  • High Moon on Bourne: "We'd love to work on a sequel"

    Speaking to VG247, The Bourne Conspiracy developer High Moon has said that it’s itching to go on a sequel to the action game, and has plenty of ideas yet to realise for the digital version of the haywire super-spy. “It hinges entirely on how well it’s received,” said lead designer Rory McGuire, when asked if […]

  • Bourne PS3 requires 5Gb install

    Oh. Dear. According to this Loot Ninja story, the PS3 version of The Bourne Conspiracy requires a 5Gb install. This isn’t the best news in the world if you have a 40Gb PS3, obviously. Bit of music, Devil May Cry 4, Warhawk and Bourne and you’re kind of doomed. Which is a shame.

  • New Bourne trailer released

    It’s media Friday, from the look of it. First up’s a new trailer of The Bourne Conspiracy, and it’s all in-game. Looks very violent and great. Shooting, crunchy fighting, jumping through windows on trains. Just like what Bourne does, isn’t it. After the link. It’s out for PS3 and 360 at the end of this […]

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