Guitar Hero: Van Halen

Guitar Hero: Van Halen demo now available on XBL

Activison has released a demo for Guitar Hero: Van Halen on Xbox Live. Here are the tracks you can try out: “Dope Nose” – Weezer “The End of Heartache” – Killswitch Engage “Eruption” – Van Halen “Panama” – Van Halen Game’s out on December 22 for Xbox 360, PS3, PS2 and Wii. We got it […]

Guitar Hero: Van Halen headlines

  • Guitar Hero: Van Halen freebie running late for PS3

    Those who preordered Guitar Hero 5 for PS3 have yet to receive their free Guitar Hero: Van Halen game. Reason why, is there was a “printing error” on the packaging. Here’s the apology email folks are getting, courtesy of Joystiq: “Unfortunately, we made a printing error on the package of Guitar Hero Van Halen. Fortunately, […]

  • Pre-order Guitar Hero 5, get Guitar Hero: Van Halen for free

    Activision has announced that those who pre-order Guitar Hero 5 between now and September 1 will get Guitar Hero: Van Halen for free before it even hits stores. Holy hell! The full details can be found through the press release below or over on the official GH: Van Halen Offer site. That is one hell […]

  • Debut video for GH: Van Halen released

    Activision has released the debut video for Guitar Hero: Van Halen. It’s out in the US on December 22, and “TBD 2010″ for Europe. Watch it below courtesy of Gamespot, and judge for yourself.

  • No Guitar Hero: Van Halen for Europe until 2010

    Activision has confirmed that Guitar Hero: Van Halen will not be released in Europe until 2010. Granted, it comes out in the US on December 22, so “TBD 2010” could mean January 1. Ya never know. We know you are bummed over this. Thanks, Eurogamer.

  • Activision gives Guitar Hero: Van Halen a release date

    Activision was quick to talk about its line-up of music-centic games coming this year during its call to investors, and there are loads of ’em as you would expect. Guitar Hero 5, Band Hero, and DJ Hero are all expected before the end of the year and now you can add the elusive Guitar Hero: […]

  • ActiBlizz: Shareholders, analysts concerned over possible StarCraft 2 delay

    Shareholders are apparently a bit worried that Activision Blizzard may face some financial obstacles by the end of the year, what with shares in the company falling 14 percent in the past month. The main concern, reports MarketWatch, is ActiBlizz’s current release schedule, shifting Singularity into 2010, and the growing assumption that StarCraft 2 may […]

  • Rumor: Partial track list for Guitar Hero: Van Halen surfaces

    Activision is still keeping mum regarding details for Guitar Hero: Van Halen, but that has not stopped a supposed track list for the game from leaking out. Here’s 18 of out 44 songs included on the game disc. Ain’t Talkin’ ‘Bout Love Dope Nose by Weezer I Want It All by Queen Jump Panama Semi-Charmed […]

  • Guitar Hero: Van Halen shows up at E3

    Finally after loads of leaks, Activision has admitted that Guitar Hero: Van Halen exists. No one ever said it didn’t really, just “no comment”. Anyway, it’s posted after the break thanks to D’toid who filmed it from the show floor. DJ Shadow’s music is in the background. Just so you know. At least you get […]

  • Guitar Hero: Van Halen confirmed, will have other bands

    Activision announced it’s music game line-up for the fall this morning, but missing from the press release was confirmation of Guitar Hero: Van Halen. That information was sent out in a separate mailing, apparently. According to Shack, the game will be released during “the second half of this year”, and includes hits from Van Halen […]

  • GameStop announces Guitar Hero: Van Halen pre-order, then pulls the ad

    A pre-order listing for Guitar Hero: Van Halen popped up on GameStop this morning, with a release date of August 4 for PS2, PS3, Wii and Xbox 360. Activision has yet to announce the title, despite its existence being essentially proven by the German Ratings Board. The ad has been pulled, but not before Joystiq […]

  • Rumor: German Ratings Board outs Guitar Hero: Van Halen

    Guitar Hero: Van Halen rumors are floating around again, thanks to Germany’s ratings board. The Unterhaltungssoftware Selbstkontrolle (USK) has rated the game for PS3 and Xbox 360, and it’s listed as, “Guitar Hero Headlining Van Halen”. Sounds like bad translation there. GH:VH has been living in Rumorville ever since Activision CEO Bobby Kotick hinted around […]