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  • Future strengthens games portfolio with new senior appointments

    Future has announced the appointment of James Binns as Head of Edge International and PC Gaming and Simon Maxwell as Group Publisher, Console and Online.

  • MCV ed to take on CVG for Future

    It’s just been confirmed to VG247 that MCV Online editor Tim Ingham is to head up CVG. The CVG editor job became vacant recently after long-term word-boss Gavin Ogden decided to move out to New Zealand. The job’s been advertised internally at Future and has seen many applicants. Looks as though outside was the way […]

  • Future "experimenting" with charged online games content

    Future’s confirmed it’s planning on charging for web content, and is already dipping its toe in the water. “We’re experimenting in small places right across the portfolio, because we don’t have the answer yet,” said CEO Stevie Spring in an interview with Brand Republic. “Our strategy online is do and learn. We’re learning as we […]

  • Binns: Edge Online changes to give "more flexibility in news gathering"

    Edge publishing director James Binns said today that moving control of Edge Online to the UK from San Francisco and installing a new editor and news ed would allow for “effective planning and more flexibility in news gathering”. Former EIC Colin Cambell left the site on Friday, as did staffers Kris Graft and Rob Crossley. […]

  • Edge Online gets new ed staff

    Following this morning’s announcement that Edge Online’s entire editorial team has essentially quit, Future’s confirmed that Alex Wiltshire and Tom Ivan have been installed as editor and news editor respectively. Wiltshire use to dep-edit Edge magazine. Ivan started his gaming life as a staff writer on CVG, and previously contributed to EO’s initially incarnation, Next-Gen.biz. […]

  • Future's share price rebounds on news of growth

    Future’s share price has hit back after an all-time low of 9.5p yesterday, rising back to its Monday level of 14p. That’s a whole 37 percent. Future reported growth in both sales and profit today.

  • UK Qore clone named Official PlayStation Magazine HD

    Future’s confirmed the name of its British Qore clone as Official PlayStation Magazine HD in a job posting for a content producer. There’s no release date in there, but the “pay for demos” strategy is clearly in force for the vehicle’s trip to Europe: “Future is working with Sony on the project, which will contain […]

  • Official Nintendo Mag UK gets new editor

    Neil Long has left the editorship of MCV to take of the British Official Nintendo Mag. Outgoing Editor Chandra Nair leaves Future following a handover with Neil to seek new opportunities in the games industry and further develop his burgeoning music career. “As we seek to continue the phenemonal [sic] growth of Official Nintendo Magazine […]

  • Porter quits PC Zone?

    Ram Raider’s rumouring that longstanding PCZone editor Will Porter is to quit, following previous recent departures from Ed Zitron and Jamie Sefton. Staffer Jon Blyth is also thought to be leaving. The Future magazine has, according to the mysterious blogger, had its page count and budget reduced, and its frequency pushed up to 14 issues […]

  • Frankie Boyle to host Golden Joysticks

    Scottish comedian Frankie Boyle, will host its upcoming Golden Joysticks, taking place on October 31 at the Park Lane Hilton in London. “This year’s Golden Joystick Awards are shaping up to be the best yet, thanks to the support of our sponsor Virgin Media and Frankie Boyle signing up as host,” said event boss Emma […]

  • UK to get PSN Qore clone

    Future and SCEE have confirmed that a UK PSN magazine similar to the American PSN’s Qore is on the way. The product is described as a “interactive high definition magazine” and has gone unnamed in today’s announcement. The UK download will be weekly, as opposed to Qore’s monthly editions, and will launch early next year. […]

  • Future relaunches CVG

    Future’s relaunched CVG, showing a streamlined site compared to the old blue design, and hanging a “beta” sign on the logo. “This is really just the first pass of the new CVG, there’s plenty more to come in the next month and beyond,” said CVG’s tech lead, John Houlihan. “In fact in many ways the […]

  • Future claims 7.3 million unique users on games sites, posts ABC rises

    Future’s claimed that GamesRadar Network now reaches 7.3 million unique users per month, a figure drawn from HBX audits. GamesRadar Network includes GamesRadar, CVG, Edge, OXM, ONM, PSM3, PSW, PC Gamer, XBW 360, NGamer and PC Zone – all of the publisher’s game sites. The web traffic info was posted on the back of positive […]

  • Future to launch Tesco magazine in the UK

    Future and Tesco have announced plans to release a free games magazine in Tesco’s 425 UK branches. The first mag to come out of the deal will be called Hot Summer Games, and will have a print run of 1 million copies. The Gamesradar team’s writing the copy. “We are delighted to be working in […]

  • Future eyeing Australia expansion

    According to this, Future’s advertising for an associate publisher to work in Sydney, fuelling speculation tha the firm may be looking to set up Australian operations itself. Until recently, its mags were licensed to a third party called Derwent Howard.

  • Future games mag sales up 23%, shows ABC

    In the year ending December 31 2007, Future’s combined games mags sales were up 23 percent over the same period in the previous year, the company announced today. Winners for the group included Official Nintendo Magazine (up 37 per cent to 58,754) and Xbox 360: The Official Xbox Magazine (up 19 percent to 66,894). The […]

  • Gamespot claims 3.5 million users per month in the UK

    It’s Euro web-war, kids. Gamespot UK today claimed it has 3.5 million unique users (UUs) in the UK, quoting ABCe figures from December. “The gaming industry has seen explosive growth over the last 12 months, with new game launches such as Halo 3 far outstripping the majority of film openings in terms of first-day sales,” […]

  • N4G.com takes Future money, joins GamesRadar Network

    Future’s bought a stake in gamer news site N4G.com, the publisher’s just announced, meaning the site will join Future’s GamesRadar Network. No financial terms were disclosed. N4G now joins GamesRadar, FileRadar.net, Gloob.tv, OXMOnline “and the soon to be re-launched” PCGamer.com in Future’s stable of games sites. N4G received 3.65 million visits in January 2008, according […]

  • Future revenues down 1.5 percent for the quarter

    UK magazine publisher Future has taken a revenue hit for the first three months of its fiscal year, down 1.5 percent over the same period for 2006. The company reported revenues of £40.6 million for the three months ending December 31 2007. “Although we continue to take a cautious view of our markets, the current […]

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