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F1 2011 Vita price reduced on PS Store for this weekend

Codemasters has reduced the price of F1 2011 for Vita for this weekend only. The game’s on offer for £19.99/€24.99 on the PlayStation Store ahead of the Chinese Grand Prix this weekend.

F1 2011 headlines

  • F1 2011 trailer comes for Vita launch party, stays for the drink

    Codemasters has released the launch trailer for F1 2011 on PlayStation Vita, showing off what the racer will come packing with. You like F1? Getting a Vita tonight? No brainer. Get it below the break.

  • Codemasters confirms F1 2011 as Vita EU launch title

    Codemasters will bring F1 2011 to Europe as a launch title for PlayStation Vita on February 22, the publisher said today. Its also released a brand new gameplay video, which you can get below the break. F1 will also be part of the handheld’s launch in Japan next month on December 17.

  • F1 2011 3DS confirmed for November 25

    Codemasters has announced this morning it’ll release F1 2011 on 3DS on November 25. Made by Sumo Digital, it’ll come with all the tracks, teams and drivers from the 2011 season. Get the first video below. The racer launched on console and PC in September. It’ll also be at the Japanese Vita launch next month.

  • F1 2011 goes slow in launch trailer

    We thought the point about Formula One was going fast, not slow-motion. Our head hurts.

  • F1 2011 reviews start hitting hard ahead of next week's release

    The reviews embargo for F1 2011’s just lifted, with some good scores for this year’s installment coming in thick and fast. Seems like if you’re a proper F1 fan, you may want to get this. Get all the scores below the break. If you have one to add, drop it in the comments. Game’s out […]

  • Final F1 2011 dev diary details safety car, more

    Codemasters has released the final developer’s diary for F1 2011, show one of the biggest changes for this year’s game in more detail: the inclusion of the safety car. The Codies Birmingham team also talk about the other changes for this year’s game, including the reintroduction of KERS, the new Drag Reduction System (DRS) and […]

  • F1 2011 gets first Vita footage

    Codemasters has released the first footage of F1 2011 being played on Vita from Tokyo Game Show this morning. It’s not full of too many shockers; there’s F1 cars going round Spa. Not much else to say to that other than it’s below the break. The game will have all the teams, drivers and tracks […]

  • F1 2011 gets championship co-op dev diary

    Codemasters has released the third dev diary for F1 2011 ahead of the game’s release in two weeks time. The video shows devs Stephen Hood and Paul Jeal discuss one of the major new features for this year’s game: co-op championship, where you and a friend will compete against one another to be the number […]

  • F1 2011 gets early October release in Japan

    Codemasters is set to release F1 2011 on October 6 in Japan for ¥7,770, according to a Game Impress report. The release is perfectly timed, with the Japanese Grand Prix at Suzuka also happening that weekend in the country between October 7-9. It’ll release here in the UK at the end of this month for […]

  • F1 2011 trailer tells story of 2011 season so far, confirms safety car

    Codemasters has released a brand new trailer of F1 2011 ahead of the racer’s released next month. The video shows the story of the 2011 season so far as it prepares to return from its summer break in Belgium this weekend, with the safety car being shown for the first so far, finally confirming it […]

  • Off-screen F1 2011 gameplay videos emerge

    Two off-screen videos featuring gameplay footage from F1 2011 have surfaced on YouTube. One of the videos show the player taking part in a time trail on the Montreal racing circuit while the other features more than 25 mins of gameplay from the Turkish Grand Prix. The visuals of the game are looking more crisp […]

  • Codemasters: GP2 inclusion in F1 "not possible" right now

    Codemasters has said that including GP2 with the publisher’s F1 titles isn’t possible due to restrictions on the licence it currently has for the sport.

  • Codies "really want" to include historical races as DLC in Formula One series

    Steve Hood has hinted that classic racing seasons are being talked about around the Codemasters offices for future F1 titles, and adding such a feature to the series as DLC would be “a cool thing to include.”

  • F1 2011 gets first gameplay video and new screens

    Codemaster has released the first gameplay video for F1 2011, and has also sent over six new screenshots of the game.

  • First F1 2011 dev diary confirms co-op championship mode

    Codemasters has shown off the first dev diary for F1 2011. The diary, revealing the first gameplay footage from the game, confirms a co-op championship mode, as well as a bump in the amount of online players from last year, going up to 16. Live the Life will be also be more clnematic this year. […]

  • F1 2011 developer "probably" doesn't want extraneous visual effects

    Serious simmers aren’t interested in distracting sops to realism like blurring, cockpit view and bobbing driver heads, according to F1 2011 designer Stephen Hood.

  • THQ to distribute Codemasters titles in US

    THQ’s announced this evening that it’s to publish four Codemasters titles in the US via its THQ Partners program.

  • Friday shorts II - Death, Dragonforce, DOW2, F1 2011, Jedi, sales

    More nuggets for your Friday evening are below.

  • F1 2011 gets September launch, NGP and 3DS versions confirmed

    Codemasters, as promised, has formally announced F1 2011 ahead of this weekend’s Australian Grand Prix, and confirmed it for a September launch in Europe and the US.

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