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  • EG gives Brutal Legend 8/10

    After the first IGN-exclusive Brutal Legend reviews yesterday, EG’s gone live with an 8/10. Snip: It’s probably Brutal Legend’s characters that win out. Since the days when he provided dialogue options for Guybrush Threepwood, Schafer’s secret skill has been to people his games with lovable oddballs who quickly start to feel like friends, creating bonds […]

  • Eurogamer to launch Get Games digi download service

    Eurogamer Network’s to launch a Digital Downland service called Get Games. The venture’s a partnership with Mastertronic boss Andy Payne. “At Mastertronic, we have sold 30 million units down the years across our group of PC brands and we feel very optimistic for the PC as a gaming platform,” said Payne. “We have been selling […]

  • Leadbetter takes EG tech ed role

    Rich Leadbetter’s Eurogamer’s new technology editor, the company’s announced. The Digital Foundry founder is a games editorial veteran, having worked on CVG, Mean Machines and many other UK games brands. “Digital Foundry’s embedded presence on Eurogamer is a brilliant opportunity to exploit everything I’ve learned from 19 years working in the games business,” said Leadbetter. […]

  • Fable III was biggest EG GamesCom traffic driver

    Fable III drew the most traffic for Eurogamer over GamesCom for a single game, according to this GI piece. Which is all very nice, but the real story here is the graphs. Just look at that shit. Pastel shades, italics, extended radial spokes on the pie; a new level. Hit the link to see for […]

  • Eurogamer Expo 2009 line-up announced, is bonkers

    Eurogamer Expo 2009 just announced its full publisher line-up, and it’s pretty much “complete,” from the look of it. Sony, Microsoft, EA, Ubisoft, Eidos, Sega, Capcom, Konami, 2K, Bethesda, Namco and Deep Silver will all have playable games on hand. This year’s show is split over two UK locations. The Leeds event is being held […]

  • Eurogamer re-reviews Grand Slam Tennis at 8/10

    Eurogamer’s posted its re-review of EA’s Grand Slam Tennis, bumping the score from 5/10 to 8/10. The site said last week it was to reassess the game after it found the Wii MotionPlus-enabled sports title to be sluggish on its Wii debug unit. Reviews, eh? Millions of words through the link.

  • GamesAid announces Eurogamer, Codemasters, Nintendo as company partners

    GamesAid, a UK games industry charity for children and young people, announced its first company partners, including Codemasters, Eurogamer and Nintendo amongst others. “GamesAid is all about inclusiveness and raising awareness, whilst at the same time keeping our running costs as low as possible,” said GamesAid chairman, Andy Payne. “This partnership scheme recognises those companies […]

  • Eurogamer to re-review Grand Slam Tennis

    EG’s just said it’s to re-review EA’s Grand Slam Tennis, and has pulled its original 5/10 score. The site’s editor, Tom Bramwell, said on his blog today that the game’s retail version is significantly more responsive than the dev kit set-up used for the review. “As a result, I’m immediately withdrawing Eurogamer’s Grand Slam Tennis […]

  • Digital Foundry blog merges into Eurogamer

    The “new” Digital Foundry blog has just launched on Eurogamer, adding HD video to the UK-based site. The tech site, run by long-standing games industry media chap Richard Leadbetter, focuses on console technology and video-related coverage. “It’s been a long time coming, but finally the Digital Foundry tech blog has been humanely re-homed and is […]

  • EG giving away 2,000 copies of LotRO for second birthday

    Eurogamer’s giving away 2,000 copies of Lord of the Rings Online as part of a two-year birthday promo for the game. Just hit the link for details. Looks as though it’s going to be a first come, first served thing. The giveaway’s happening on April 24.

  • Eurogamer Killzone 2 review - it's a 9 [Update]

    Update: IGN’s given it 9.4. Update 2: More scores: Jeuxvideo – 17/20 IGN AU – 9 Gamereactor Denmark – 9 Eurogamer Portugal – 10 Eurogamer Italy – 9 Eurogamer Spain – 10 Eurogamer’s gone live with its Killzone 2 review, giving the game 9/10. Snip: This is a methodical shooter that makes few concessions to […]

  • Eurogamer visited by over 3.7 million unique users in November 2008

    Eurogamer has announced that the latest ABC Electronic audit confirms that the site had over 3.7 million unique users in November last year. That’s more than double 2007’s figure for the same month. “The results are particularly pleasing as both the UK site increased significantly to 2.3 million unique users during the month, and our […]

  • Eurogamer responds to Peter Moore's “WTF?”

    EA Sports president Peter Moore’s Christmas could’ve been better. After tearing through five days’ worth of wrapping paper, the one gift he most desired failed to materialize. And sadly, no amount of Hallmark-disguised holiday cash will ever net FIFA 09 a spot on Eurogamer’s prestigious Top 50. “Huh? WTF?? As in WHERE THE HELL IS […]

  • Far Cry 2 wins on PC, says Eurogamer

    Eurogamer’s claimed the PC version of Far Cry is the best of the three SKUs in another of Richard Leadbetter face-off features. “Far Cry 2 is an excellent release on PC, and the fact that it can run in high definition with all features set to high levels while still providing a reasonably smooth, graphically […]

  • Chat to Valve's Chet Faliszek on Left 4 Dead at 5.00pm GMT

    Eurogamer’s about to run a live interview with Valve’s Chet Faliszek on the subject of Left 4 Dead. As ever, this means you get to ask the questions, and, if you’re lucky, they may be answered. Get over there and get asking, varmint.

  • Fallout 3: All formats compared in shots and video

    Eurogamer’s published one of its trademark comparison features, this time focussing solely on the differences between the three versions of Fallout 3. We won’t spoil the outcome for you. Take a look.

  • EuroClash to publish Currys games mag

    EuroClash, the customer publishing partnership between MediaClash and Eurogamer, has won a contract to publish a quarterly games mag for UK retailer Currys. The venture will have an initial launch run of 300,000 copies. “We are offering a superb, extended range of hardware and games for peak trading. The introduction of a games guide will […]

  • Banjo goes for 7 on Eurogamer

    Eurogamer’s put a 7/10 on Banjo Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts. Worth noting IGN’s score of 8.3 if you missed it this morning. Snip from the EG review: Whereas a traditional platform game could survive a sequence of poor levels, or even succeed in spite of a majority with a world as lovely as this, with […]

  • Eurogamer goes with 9 for Resistance 2

    Eurogamer’s just put its Resistance 2 review live, giving the shooter 9/10. Snip: Overall, multiplayer is the satisfying other half to a formidable package, and Resistance 2 is precisely the sort of exclusive game that the PS3 needs. Improving tenfold on its predecessor in almost every area, it not only belongs on the shopping list […]

  • GMA 2008 - Edge and Eurogamer take top honours for UK

    The 2008 Games Media Awards in London last night saw Edge take the gong for best UK mag and Eurogamer win for best British site last night, with Eurogamer’s Ellie Gibson and PC Gamer’s Tom Francis winning best online and print writers respectively. Full list of winners below. We live-blogged it as well, as you […]

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