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Everything about The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild -- Wii U vs Switch, Special Editions, and Analyses

We have a handy summation of everything you need to know about The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild for the Nintendo Switch and Wii U.

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The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is an open-world Zelda game from Nintendo, and it's huge. Quite huge.

Breath of the Wild has been in development for years, and it shows: The game's centerpiece is a living, breathing overworld packed with friends, foes, settlements, shrines, mountains, and dungeons. It's arguably the most ambitious Zelda game since 1998's Ocarina of Time for the N64.

We got our first really good look at Breath of the Wild at E3 2016. Information about the game has been pouring in since then, and we've done our best to document what's new and what's familiar.

When is The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Coming Out? What system is it on?

Breath of the Wild is available for the Switch and the Wii U on March 3, 2017. It's Nintendo's last game for the beleaguered Wii U.

How does the Switch version of Breath of the Wild differ from the Wii U version?

Both versions of the game have identical content, but there are small visual differences. Breath of the Wild for the Wii U renders at 720p, whereas the Switch version renders at 900p when the game runs on the television (it's presumed the Switch game runs at 720p when the system is in handheld / tablet mode). The Switch version also features richer environmental sounds. Both games run at 30 FPS.

What's in the Zelda: Breath of the Wild "Special Edition" and "Master Edition" I'm hearing about?

The Master Edition of Breath of the Wild is packed with goodies. Aside from the (Switch) game, you also get a Master Sword statue, Sheikah Slate carrying case for your Switch, the game itself, a CD soundtrack, a Sheikah eye collector coin, a map, and a box to hold all your swag in. Price tag: $129.99 USD.

The Special Edition of Breath of the Wild contains the same content as the Master Edition, but it doesn't have the Master Sword statue. It costs $99.99 USD.

How does Breath of the Wild differ from other Zelda games?

There's no helper character -- Breath of the Wild's producer, Eiji Aonuma, said he wants players to take their own path through Breath of the Wild. As a consequence, there are no "helper" characters: No Fi, Navi, or King of the Red Lions.

There are many "shrines" as well as traditional Zelda-style dungeons -- You'll find over 100 shrines in Breath of the Wild. Shrines offer challenges in combat and puzzle solving, and if you're successful you net a Spirit Orb that can be traded for useful items. There are also bigger, more ambitious dungeons to explore, so don't worry Zelda traditionalists.

There's a vast, open world -- Breath of the Wild features a huge open world that's inspired by Skyrim, but also calls back to the very first Zelda game since it lets players go where they please (though if they're ill-equipped to handle danger, that's their lookout).

Link can have more than one horse -- Though Link's travelled by horse for a while now, he's usually limited to one steed. In Breath of the Wild, he can keep stables full of wild horses that he can tame and ride. Beware though: Unlike Epona, they're not invincible.

Weapons can be picked up off enemies, and wear down -- Wind Waker lets Link use foes' weapons, but Link must pick up swords, axes, clubs, bows, etc from Breath of the Wild's bad guys to survive. These weapons can wear down, however, and lower-quality weapons run down more quickly than higher-quality fare.

Link can craft potions and food; hearts aren't found in the wild -- If Link is feeling under the weather in Breath of the Wild, he needs to scarf down food and potions he cooks / brews himself from meat and ingredients he forages. You won't find hearts in tall grass as per usual. Potions can also add handy effects like an increase in "sneak" power that makes it easier to creep up on foes and wild horses.

Link can jump on command -- 3D Zelda games have long employed an auto-jump feature, but that's not the case with Breath of the Wild. Link can jump on his own power.

Link can climb cliffs -- Link can also scale cliffs in Breath of the Wild. His grip lasts as long as his stamina meter, which can be increased.

Many of the tools Link uses on his adventure are "downloaded" to his Sheikah Slate -- Link's most important item in Breath of the Wild is his Sheikah Slate, a tablet-like object that forms important tools to assist the hero.

Breath of the Wild is compatible with Amiibo -- Several new Amiibo related to Breath of the Wild are coming on March 3, and they all interact with the game itself. Established Zelda Amiibo can be used in the game, too. Of particular note is the Wolf Link Amiibo, which lets Wolf Link partner up with Link in Breath of the Wild.

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