Destiny 2 Year 2 Moments of Triumph kicks off this week

By Sherif Saed, Monday, 8 July 2019 13:14 GMT

Bungie is bringing back Moments of Triumph for the second year of Destiny 2.

Starting tomorrow, July 9, the next iteration of Moments of Triumph challenges will be available for everyone to peruse in Destiny 2. Triumphs reward players for visiting the different worlds, reaching certain milestones, clearing missions and pretty much anything else you typically do in Destiny.

Completing Triumphs unlocks rewards you can use in-game. Bungie set it up so the more you complete, the more rewards you earn. Some Triumphs require owning Forsaken, while others need you to have the Annual Pass.

Here’s what you can win:

  • Complete one Moment of Triumph, earn the Moments of Triumph 2019 Emblem.
  • Complete 5 Moments of Triumph, earn the Moments of Triumph 2019 Sparrow.
  • Complete 10 Moments of Triumph, earn the Moments of Triumph 2019 Ship.
  • Complete 15 Moments of Triumph, the Moments of Triumph T-Shirt offer becomes available.
  • Complete ALL Moments of Triumph, unlock the Moments of Triumph 2019 Seal and Title.

And here are the Triumphs you’ll be going for starting tomorrow:

  • Legendary Valor.
  • Crucible Pinnacle Arms.
  • Vanguard Pinnacle Arms.
  • Nothing Left to Say.
  • The Vault.
  • Mythic.
  • Gambit Pinnacle Arms.
  • Inheritance.
  • O Murderer Mine.
  • Valiant Savior.
  • Going the Distance.
  • Prime Fashion.
  • Bedazzled.

Bungie also confirmed that the Solstice of Heroes summer event is returning this year. Full details will be revealed on July 24, but until then, you can see the list below for the Triumphs coming to Destiny 2 with Solstice of Heroes this year.

  • Strike Spelunker.
  • Exotic Arsenal.
  • Gun for Hire.
  • Challenger.
  • Fashion Hero.
  • Above and Beyond.
  • Master Smith.

You have until August 27 if you want to earn any of these rewards.

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