Destiny 2: Iron Banner 6v6 returns, first round of Exotic Armor changes coming next week

By Stephany Nunneley
25 May 2018 17:03 GMT

Iron Banner 6v6 is back in Destiny 2.

The first 6v6 Iron Banner for Destiny 2 Season 3 is live, and a reprised version of the Bannerfall map has been added to the playlist.

It will available in the Iron Banner playlist until the May 29 resent. After that it can be accessed in Quick Play, Competitive, and Private Matches.

Players might also see it in Trials this weekend, which means you may wish to keep an eye on Bungie’s social channels.

In its weekly update, Bungie touched upon the first wave of Exotic Armor changes coming next week with patch 1.2.1.

Bungie will update two pieces of Exotic Armor for each class as outlined below.


Destiny 2



  • Mechanical Changes—Previously, the perk adjusted your melee damage depending on the number of enemies surrounding you. Now it grants a flat bonus to melee and Super damage when you’re surrounded by three or more enemies. The buff is retained for a short duration after you are no longer surrounded.
  • Although Synthoceps has gotten a fair bit of love in the Crucible, players are often focused on the increased lunge rate. The outgoing damage bonus was hard to appreciate and plan around with it being so variable in nature. With this change, you will be able to feel the impact more often in all scenarios, particularly in PvE.

Lion Rampant

  • Mechanical Changes—You can hipfire while Lift is active without interrupting it, and your aerial hipfire doesn’t have an aerial accuracy penalty.
  • The Lion Rampant was focused around Lift and how it impacts your playstyle and tactics, so we decided to push further in that direction, emphasizing fast moving aerial assault.


The Dragon’s Shadow

  • Mechanical Changes—Dodging reloads all weapons simultaneously. The effects of Wraithmetal Mail now also include a bonus to mobility.
  • Although the Dragon’s Shadow does have a small following, we wanted to make it more useful in a general sense under even neutral conditions, while keeping in the theme of a fast-moving ninja.

 Mechaneer’s Tricksleeves

  • Mechanical Changes—Swapping to a sidearm while critically wounded greatly increases its damage.
  • We went for the fantasy of a holdout weapon; the pistol tucked into your sleeve that you pull out in an emergency to save you. These changes should let you turn around a fight more easily.


Lunafaction Boots

  • Mechanical Changes—Rift reload is automatic instead of being activated on entry/exit. Empowering Rift makes weapons more effective at extended ranges.
  • Players having to dip in and out of the Rift to reload their weapons was not consistent with other Rift effects, particularly with the overshield effect on Healing Rift. It’s been made automatic to be easier to understand and use. As this is a more offensive choice in terms of Rift Exotics, we also wanted to further reward players who want to double down with Empowering Rift instead of playing it safe with Healing Rift.


  • Mechanical Changes—Original effect replaced with: Increases the duration of Solar Grenades. Solar melee kills grant unlimited Solar Grenade energy for a brief time.
  • While effective under some circumstances in terms of things like flat damage output with your Solar Grenade, Sunbracers didn’t feel flashy enough for gloves where your hands are perpetually on fire. So, while retaining the original flavor of “The Solar Grenade Exotic Armor,” we’ve scaled up the potential output significantly to give the player a strong taste of power on a more frequent basis.

Destiny 2 players can expect the next wave of Exotic Armor changes in July.

The July update will also include the Solstice of Heroes Seasonal Event, text chat for PC Clans, Year 1 Triumphs, Bounties, and Raid Lair Prestige for both Trials of Osiris and Warmind.

Patch 1.2.1 releases next week on May 29, and no downtime is expected. Once the patch is ready, players will be kicked from the game in order to apply the update.

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