Here’s the latest Destiny 2: Gods of Mars “leak” that’s totally fake

By Sherif Saed, Wednesday, 31 January 2018 13:17 GMT

People really are having fun making up leaks for Destiny 2’s upcoming expansion, rumoured to be named Gods of Mars.

As the public opinion continues to turn on Destiny 2, some fans are keeping busy trying to drum up excitement about upcoming content by creating fake synopsis of the game’s next expansion.

Earlier today, a post popped up on Reddit that has screenshots of the expansion’s supposed Xbox Store listing. According to the Reddit user who grabbed them, the store page was cleared as soon as they took the screenshots.

These shots, which you can see below, provide story details about Gods of Mars. The description mentions going to Mars to fight rogue Rasputin, an AI constructed in the Golden Age to protect humanity against outside attacks.

Destiny 2 Expansion 2: Gods of Mars sends your Guardian out to investigate a mysterious signal originating from Mars’s Northern Point, a brand new destination with all new story missions and adventures. Rasputin – the last of the ancient Warminds, has been alerted to a dark threat from beyond the Solar System. He has betrayed humanity and plans to construct a powerful weapon capable of detonating the Traveler itself. Work alongside Ana Bray, who has emerged from the shadows after being missing for years, and destroy Rasputin before his machinations are realised,” it reads.

If you’re thinking some of this sounds familiar, it should. Earlier this year, a screenshot of the expansion’s PSN listing showed up online. The screenshot had the full description of the story, and a few bullet points.

Many of the elements mentioned in that earlier leak are present here, with some obvious differences like Rasputin’s role in the story. In case you’re wondering why Rasputin seems to always be at the centre of these made-up stories, it’s because the expansion’s logo has Rasputin’s banner.

Going back to today’s find, the screenshots have several red flags. First, the description paragraph is aligned differently in two of the three screenshots. In one, it has a scroll bar on the side, whereas this isn’t visible on the other.

The alignment of the “Available on Xbox One” part is also suspect. In one screenshot, it’s eating up part of the description, almost as if someone captured this part from the store and later added it to the screenshot to give it some legitimacy, though seemingly without cleaning up the edges.

The Reddit user who posted the find has a very slim post and comment history. These screenshots are their most prominent posts, which is often another telltale of a fake leak.

Finally, Destiny expansion descriptions never reveal that many details about their story. Compare this to Curse of Osiris’ Xbox listing, and you’ll see how verbose the Gods of Mars listing is, going into many story details you would typically need to play to uncover.

For refrence, Bungie has not officially announced any details about Destiny 2’s next expansion, not event the name. We do know it’s due out this spring, though, so we official details should start dropping soon.

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