Xbox 360 discontinued: what were your favourite games?

By Matt Martin, Thursday, 21 April 2016 08:27 GMT

Let’s salute the sun setting on one of the best home consoles ever.


The Xbox 360 has been discontinued. Microsoft will continue to support live services, but the console itself has been put to rest.

After literally hours of mourning, the VG247 team decided we wanted to celebrate this ground-breaking hardware, this king among consoles.

So we want to remember the system for its biggest strength – it’s amazing list of shit-hot video games.

Here’s our staff favourites. Please tell us yours in the comments below.

Best Xbox 360 games ever



  • GTA 5: Because it changed the world.
  • Crackdown: The first game I played at home in HD, oddly, and one of the first I ever played on a console in co-op. Loved it.
  • Gears of War: The first Gears transformed console action gaming and delivered a Microsoft statement of intent that still lives today. Marcus will never die.



  • Mass Effect: From the overheard list of the commander’s virtues to the moment she clambers out of the rubble of the final boss arena: pure (space) magic.
  • Fable 2: The warmest and richest RPG to allow you to run around with huge muscles and tiny shorts farting for the delight of strangers.
  • Dead Rising: When I were a bab games were allowed to be ambitiously different and experimentally user-unfriendly, and ’twere a better time, I tell ye.



  • Guitar Hero 2: A fun game you could fire up when company was over, and it allowed you to be a guitar god in your living room without the stalkers.
  • Red Dead Redemption: It was fun, had great graphics, hilarious glitches and you played a cowboy. Who wouldn’t like it?
  • Bioshock: One of the best games of its generation, and one of the few I played multiple times. I can’t narrow down one particular thing that made it my favorite.



  • Forza Horizon: The original Horizon is the best racing game of last generation. Simply turning it on and cruising around listening to in-game radio was one of my favourite things.
  • Halo CE Anniversary: I had tried the original Halo on PC way back, and it somehow never clicked with me. Fast forward a few years later, the Halo CE remaster showed me why this game commands such love, and I’ve been chanting the canticles ever since.
  • Mortal Kombat 9: Mortal Kombat has always been my favourite fighting series, and this is one of the best. I didn’t even care about the 360’s crappy d-pad, and mashed my way to glory.



  • Condemned: Criminal Origins: Nasty, weird, flawed and full of brutal violence. The dirtiest game on the 360.
  • Split Second: Fast n’ trashy arcade racing made all the better with multiplayer buddies.
  • Trials HD: Hilarious and ridiculously compulsive. Friends and enemies were made over the shifting of milliseconds.

Now over to you… someone must have liked Dance Central, right?

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