GTA Online’s cheating assholes are no match for this player’s vengeance

By Matt Martin, Thursday, 30 April 2015 09:36 GMT

Think you’re smart for using invisibility and infinite ammo glitches? You need to be taught a lesson, sucker.

You can have all the hacks you want but if your GTA Online game is weak, you’ll still get your ass handed to you. As this fool discovered when attempting to hassle another player.

There’s a fair bit of cheating going on in GTA Online right now and a lot of players are getting pissed off with it.

Players like HairyHolePS4 aren’t taking the invisibility glitches and shooting through walls lying down. Bring all the shit you want but you’ll still get publicly humiliated online for all to see.

Stand up for what’s right. Cheating is for chumps.

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