The SJW effect – welcome to the end of the world

By Patrick Garratt
29 August 2014 10:08 GMT

Some people are righteous and angry. This is the final-time, apparently.


“We’re a few dozen people talking about a few hundred people who are complete fucking idiots.”

Text mountains hate before comments and I don’t care about it at all. There’s so much of it words without punctuation or you should pick up a dictionary once in a while. I have no idea why there’s even a discussion about what is or isn’t right when people are telling other people they want to drink blood from their cunts, because we all had mummies and daddies probably don’t want to exclude all the people that didn’t have mummies and daddies I’ll make a donation to the orphan fund ice bucket and we all went to school and probably all know what right and wrong is. In fact, you do all know what right and wrong is by law you’re all over fourteen. I think.

Acres of words from writers searching desperation in their souls it’s over this is how the world views triple-A no one cares. The wringing moaning guttering candles foreheads on keys and the tears of frustration. Why can’t they see, these poor, blind fools? We’re a few dozen people talking about a few hundred people who are complete fucking idiots and will go to jail someday God willing social justice. We have to fight against it and we do and we should diversity of course we should but the entire games industry is so revoltingly sexist that it’s easy to feel there’s no hope these shoot and shoot wallpaper stop the sex trafficking. We will fight the fight, march on our little fingers entwined together tapping goosestepping toward the cratered horizon. Do you honestly think any of this is going to be better in five years? In ten?

Potential solutions mais non that wouldn’t work these people don’t listen not even they really care look at that insane video those men wanted to make I mean what not even two hundred backers. That’s how much they care. They don’t care. Why do you even talk to them? We all sit in our stupid little soundroom and shout at each other and we’re just the head of a pin in a pin factory. None of this matters apart from the illegal aspects and the games themselves cars and guns how’s that going to change? Come back in twenty.

“Everyone’s leaving the final whimper as women finally, obviously, gloriously, kick the two fucking puppies to death and set fire to the trousers.”

I have barely any idea what games journalism even is model evaporated games writing ego massager adverts in both writing and product sales and the remnants eating themselves head of a pin. Go write a fucking preview. Let’s do the news. Little dogs fighting over the remains torn cloth shit-strewn London park two Pekingese tugging at a pair of child’s jeans icy sky fag packets in the reeds. We’re all old now. Where are they going video. Everyone’s leaving the final whimper as women finally, obviously, gloriously, kick the two fucking puppies to death and set fire to the trousers. Kill the fucking dogs. Stamp on their fucking skulls and pop their fucking eyes.

The death of an identity SJW game journalists what I don’t understand go away people play Call of Duty GTA avatar people call me love, you know, blow me kisses every time I see you you look uglier. Come on, love, come in my car air thrusting not sure how to respond you’ll be pleased to know Pat plays as a woman never seen anything like this. Death threat. Online abuse. Flee home. FBI. La culture geek est avant tout une contre-culture. It’s the end, the teetering restaurant on the edge of the universe at time time a trillion trillion stars sucking white flashes the two hyperfine levels of the ground state of the caesium 133 atom tear themselves apart shitty jeans a billion shards in a billion warehouses hot fusion empty, fizzing grey. Not black.

A pinhead in a pin factory. Two shitty dogs yapping in a park.


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