“Gaming isn’t art,” says Spectator before editing “chill out” headline

By Patrick Garratt, Wednesday, 21 May 2014 13:16 GMT

British Conservative magazine The Spectator has edited a headline to a blog piece which challenged the notion that games are art, after telling supporters of the medium to “chill out”.

The original headline of the article is, “Gaming isn’t art. And those who think it is need to chill out”. The Spectator later changed it to, “What makes art art? And why gaming may not make the grade”. The edit was made to “more accurately reflect the tenor of the piece,” according to a note.

The piece itself is centred on a “hurried three-minute debate on Radio 4’s Today programme, which had invited art critic Sarah Kent and game developer Alex Evans to debate the merits of computer games,” and that the Guardian critic involved, “failed to grasp is a fundamental thing about what we call art: that it’s not the medium of expression that makes something art, but the process of artistic production.”

Have a read, anyway. The author notes in the comments that he didn’t write the headline.

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