26 particularly rad photos of EA’s Peter Moore

By Brenna Hillier, Friday, 16 May 2014 08:16 GMT

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I don’t know what Peter is doing here. Some sort of dance?? Maybe this is how executives prove themselves in the board room. That would explain why slender chappies like Peter and Andrew are rising to the top of the food chain: they can bend it.


Here’s Peter bringing jobs to glorious Ireland. Please don’t ask difficult questions about PopCap’s lay-offs. Now is not the time.

Sometimes Peter goes outside. That’s a thing sporty people do. I went outside three times yesterday! My skin cracked and blistered in the unaccustomed light and the cool air burned at the exposed, weeping flesh. It’s okay, I have a cream.


This is something to do with Fight Night, a franchise EA was very excited about until it got the UFC license. Peter, what a fetching dressing gown! I think Sugar Ray Leonard will probably beat you to a smear though, please be sensible; take those gloves off and apologise.

Electronic Arts Fight Night 4

Continuing the theme of celebrities, here’s a selfie Peter took with rapper Busta Rhymes.


And now here’s a group shot with Peter and Run DMC. Peter knows all the #rappers. He is down with #youthculture. He’d probably never be so passé and inauthentic as to use a hashtag like that, actually; he seems genuinely excited about meeting cool people.


Here Peter is sitting in a chair in a normal human posture as opposed to the “executive lean”, a thing you instinctively do in PR shots.


Here’re two I screengrabbed from an EA video of staff attending Pride rallies around the world. You will notice Peter’s arms are bare, and also that he is wearing some kind of rainbow bandana thing on one. Also, he does his twinkly devil smile and wears some frighteningly reflective shades.



Peter, red is a really good colour on you!


Peter is showing some sock. This is getting quite racy. I’m upgrading this feature to “PG13”.


All innocent smiles! That’s more like the Peter I know and love. I mean, like. I mean, don’t even know. I mean, have a slightly weird obsession with because I’m a games business geek and everything EA does is important and fascinating and Peter Moore is one of the only executives who will actually say interesting things rather than just talk bollocks all the time and also looks as if he’d like a laugh rather than making one feel like an underbred worm for not being on the board of anything.


This is a lovely one to end on because Peter has a lot of emotions. He’s pleased, cynical, daring and maybe a little bit suspicious – but never frightened. Peter knows he can trust you.

X Box Cup Berlin 2006

If Peter Moore, John Riccitiello and Andrew Wilson fought to the death, who would win? if your answer is not “Peter Moore”, provide a two paragraph explanation. Show your sources.

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