Kerbal Space Program and NASA team up for Asteroid Redirect mission

By Dave Cook, Thursday, 6 March 2014 10:27 GMT

Kerbal Space Program and NASA have teamed up to create a new Asteroid Redirect Mission based on the real exercise of the same name. It’ll feature realistic rocket parts and insight from the group.

In a press release sent to VG247, developer Squad confirmed that the content is due to be unveiled during a live presentation at SXSW, and is based on this real NASA project due to be completed in 2022. It involves a manned mission to an asteroid beyond Earth’s Moon.

The content will see players identifying asteroids ripe for redirection, then build a suitable rocket to move it. You’ll then have to position the craft precisely to line up the new trajectory and send your Kerbals down to the asteroids to conduct experiments and gather data while screaming through space as tremendous speeds.

The SXSW reveal schedule can be found here, where Squad and NASA will discuss the logistics of taking a real – yet still conceptual – space mission and replicating it in-game.

Kerbal Space Program lead developer Felipe Falanghe said in a statement, “Kerbal Space Program is about giving gamers the chance to dream big, even if they’re not astrophysicists. This relationship with NASA, the very beacon of big dreams and imagination, is going to give players a real opportunity to learn about the universe we’re living in.

“The Asteroid Redirect Mission is going to be one of the rewarding and challenging accomplishments in all of gaming. We can’t wait to see our current and future players take on this mission and perhaps, teach NASA a few tricks along the way.”

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