City of Steam to relaunch due to “a chronic lack of players”, servers switching off Nov. 22

By Ewan Miller, Wednesday, 23 October 2013 22:17 GMT

City of Steam is set to close at midnight November 22, due to the game’s inability to retain a sizable playerbase. However the game’s developer, Mechanist Games, is unwilling to let go of the browser-based MMO and will be relaunching the game as City of Steam: Arkadia sometime in November.

When the game comes back, it will have been “upgraded to better suit the player demographics” of new unannounced “popular English language browser-gaming platforms”. These upgrades include “new content, new features, new systems, massive change to the economy and statistics, new equipment and cosmetics, new quests and an overhaul of most of the level art and main quests” as well as a new hub area for players, on the back of a giant floating fortress.

Some features are also set to be removed, although Mechanist Games have not specified which. The game’s real money currency, Electrum, is no longer available for purchase in the live version, although no refunds will be issued for recent purchases.

In a blog post, the developers stated that despite their firm belief in City of Steam to “rocket to the forefront of browser gaming” the problem lay with their playerbase.

“Most newcomers simply stop playing after a short while, and the loyal few of you that do stick around are unfortunately not enough to sustain the game. Coupled with a lack of new content, the game is running out of steam fast.”

Sad times, although I appreciate the pun at the end. Statistically you probably didn’t play City of Steam, but spare a moment for a team’s failed ambitions.

Thanks, Polygon.

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