Divinity: Dragon Commander players are a morally questionable lot

By Brenna Hillier, Friday, 11 October 2013 00:53 GMT

The best bit of Divinity: Dragon Commander is when you get to make a decision about something, and can upset the lizard advisor. Ha ha! Look at her grumpy lizard face. Best. Anyway, this trailer shows off how players have voted when presented with various moral quandaries, and accompanies a new patch and sale.

It turns out people tend to please the lizard advisor, which is very disappointing for me, and are almost perfectly evenly split on a lot of seemingly black and white issues like “should all children smoke” and “should we install torture dungeons”. Not so keen on experimenting on foetuses, though, are you?

Divinity: Dragon Commander has been patched, too; full patch notes are available, but in short, there are loads of bug fixes plus better stats at the end of a battle and the ability to gift units and resources in multiplayer.

The Larian Studios effort is 40% off on Steam and GOG right through Sunday. I didn’t get on with it but it’s a very interesting game and worth a look on the strength of its departures from the norm.

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