Xbox One: gigaflops and teraflops don’t matter, games do – Harrison

By Dave Cook, Tuesday, 1 October 2013 11:17 GMT

Xbox One and PS4 are locked in something of a verbal format war ahead of launch, with commentators on either side touting raw stats and numbers at one another like spec-missiles. Microsoft’s Phil Harrison has said none of that matters, as long as the game library is strong.

Speaking with Edge, Harrison said, “Well I think there’s a couple of things I would say, one is that every platform I’ve ever been involved in somebody has said ‘oh, this has got more gigaflops or more teraflops than the other one,’ and at the end of the day it never really matters.

“It’s all about having the best games and having the most impressive experiences, and clearly Xbox One has the best games. So that would be my first response.”

He added, “The other is that any time that you ask a developer – including, by the way, our own internal studios – in the run up to launch of a console you’re going to get a slightly nuanced answer because the operating system’s not finished, the performance of the machine’s not locked, and as you may be aware we can increase CPU and GPU capability on Xbox One.

“So I think it’s impossible to draw any conclusions from that based on pre-launch unfinished hardware and unfinished operating systems. My main response is going to be always that it’s about having the best game experiences and the widest possible set of content that people want to play.”

What do you think? If the games are there are you even bothered about the fine spec details, or do you feel it matters to the long-term prospect of a new console?

Let us know below.

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