Sony Japan & Asia press conference: all the details and announcements here

By Dave Cook, Wednesday, 18 September 2013 09:32 GMT

Sony is holding a Japan and Asia press conference today as part of Tokyo Games Show 2013. Get all the details as they drop right here.

The feed is being streamed by Gamespot on Twitch. It’s starting imminently.

Sony Computer Entertainment Japan Asia president Hiroyuki Oda has taken to the stage and promised to improve PS Vita marketing and visibility across Japan and Asia.

A newly-opened Singapore office will focus on marketing in the region, while SCE Taiwan will handle sales to partners across the region. More promotional campaigns will be offered to Sony gamers.

Oda added that Asia is an attractive market due to its huge population and volume of young games. The office hopes to ship more games across the region over time.

PS Vita was discussed next. Oda said the console has been expanding well across Japan and Asia. PS Vita 2000 will launch across the region in November. A group of models then held up some PS Vita 2000 consoles while a flock of journalists descended on them like a gaggle of starved gannets.

The console will come in six colours, and it is hoped this range will appeal to more customers. The console’s battery is said to last one hour longer while playing games, bringing total playing life to six hours. The unit is said to be 15% lighter.

Gundam Breaker, God Eater 2, and Final Fantasy X & X-2 HD Remastered are getting PS VIta 2000 console bundles at some point. A line-up reel was then shown with some dross dance music, showcasing all four games

Toukiden launches tomorrow on PS Vita in Japan along with Princess Pingyang character DLC on September 19, while Xi Shi character DLC drops October 10.

Dragon’s Crown will hit Chinese and other Asian markets on October 3.

Akiba’s Trip 2 was shown. The Acquire title will hit Japan on November 7, while it will hit other Asian markets in 2014.

Danganropa will hit PS Vita in December 2013.

Soul Sacrifice was up next, and a gameplay clip was shown along with some booming music. Keiji Inafune then took to the stage and spoke about the series. He thanked playes for checking out the first game on Vita. Soul Sacrifice Delta will hit PS Vita in Spring 2014.

PS Vita TV is next, and opened with a trailer. The device was shown on stage and looks about the size of an iPhone in height and width. It’s obviously thicker though.

The device will hit Asia in the middle of January. Oda re-iterated that it will be affordable, and that it will support a wide range of PS Vita titles, PSP games, and PSOne classics. It will have 600 supported titles at launch.

PS3 now, and Gran Turismo 6’s December 5 release date in Japan/Asia was re-iterated. Sony will celebrate the 15th anniversary of the series with an anniversary box set across the region. There’s the anniversary edition, collector’s pack and a racing pack.

The Collector’s pack features a model car and more goodies, and is exclusive to the region.

PS3’s software line-up then got a sizzle reel featuring Rain, Armored Core, Beyond: Two Souls, GTA 5, Drakengard 3 Dark Souls 2, WWE 2K14, NBA 2K14, Rocksmith 2014, Naruto titles, BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma and Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy 13.

Lightning Returns is out in Japan/Asia, November 21. It’s getting a limited edition DualShock design.

Disgaea D2 comes out in China and Korea November 28.

PS4 time, and a brief trailer showed off the console’s exterior. Oda held up the unit and again, the journalists were climbing over themselves to snap photos of it in a powder-keg eruption of rabid excitement. One chap almost fell over a chair.

Oda re-iterated that PS4 will launch in Hong Kong, Singapore and other regions in December 2013. Red and Blue DualShocks were shown:

Ubisoft took to the stage to announce that Watch Dogs is coming to PS4 when the console launches in Japan an Asian territories. We got more background on Chicago, Aidan Pearce and the CTOS network. His family has become threatened so he turns to a vigilante life-style. A trailer was then shown, but it wasn’t new to the West.

Tecmo Koei producer Akihiro Suzuki then took to the stage to showcase Dynasty Warriors 7 (Dynasty Warriors 8 in the UK) on PS4. The game has already been detailed on PS3 and PS Vita, but today he wanted to focus on the next-gen edition. Dynasty Warriors 8: Extreme Legends will launch in China on the PS4’s launch day.

Some gameplay was shown of new fortress assault stages, and Suzuki stressed that the number of soldiers on screen at any one time has increased, and that the game has a new lighting engine.

Longest. Demo. Ever.

Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag was then announced as a launch title in Japan/Asia, and a Chinese and Korean edition will follow shortly after.

Another sizzle reel, this time showing Driveclub, The Crew, Killzone: Shadow Fall, Battlefield 4, FIFA 14, Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag, Knack, and Lego Marvel Super Heroes.

Minecraft PS4 is a launch day title, along with Rocketbirds 2 Evolution coming in 2014.

Finally, Oda confirmed that the PS4’s specific Japan/Asia launch dates will be revealed at another Sony event in November.

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