Counter-strike: Global Offensive Overwatch system now in beta

By Brenna Hillier, Tuesday, 28 May 2013 03:01 GMT

Valve has introduced a system called Overwatch to Counter-strike: Global Offensive, enabling the player community to police itself for offensive behaviour.

Overwatch isn’t a free-for-all; respected community members, known as Investigators, will lead the project, reviewing reports and applying bands where appropriate.

Players eligible to serve as Investigators will notice an Overwatch button added to the Global offensive main menu. Should they choose to opt in, they’ll then be able to watch a ten minute replay video of a match which has been flagged as containing disruptive behaviour. All identifying features will be removed from the video they view, and the eight round segment is selected at random.

Although it’s not clear how many Investigators will review each case, it seems to take more than vote for a ban to be issued, and the votes of more experienced Investigators will carry more weight than newbs. Investigators may determine that a Suspect is guilty of “”Majorly Disruptive (cheating)” or “Minorly Disruptive (griefing)” behaviour, or return a verdict of Insufficient Evidence – or perhaps Postpone for another look later.

Investigators will be chosen based on their skill, account age, hours played, and number of reports filed against them. Those who participate frequently will be offered more opportunities to review cases.

Suspects are selected if they exhibit repeat patterns of multiple reports; a sudden spike in reports; or just a long slow build up of reports. Ban length and conditions will vary depending on degree of offense.

The system is currently in beta; more information is available in an FAQ. It sounds a little like League of Legend’s Tribunal system.

Thanks, Joystiq.

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