Nintendo’s stock rises as Yen weakens

By Dave Cook, Friday, 8 March 2013 12:07 GMT

Nintendo’s stock has jumped this week, but unfortunately it’s not due to anything the company has done as such. The Yen has weakened, prompting a shares spike for several Japanese companies.

Nintendo Life reports that the company’s stock rose to 10,330 Yen per share – an increase of 7% that equates to roughly around £73 a piece.

The weakened Yen has resulted in healthier financials for companies engaged in exports, such as Nintendo, along with an economic increase in North America, which has seen more US gamers buying Nintendo products. The site adds that 39% of Nintendo’s customers are based in the US.

This could see improved Q4 financials coming out of Japan next month, and we’ll have more on the matter as the reports come out.

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