Cross Buy headed to US and Europe, just not Japan

By Brenna Hillier, Tuesday, 21 August 2012 05:44 GMT

Shuhei Yoshida has clarified translated comments which suggested Cross Buy was only confirmed for Europe.

“PS Vita-PS3 Cross Buy price promo is coming to both Europe and North America,” the SCE Worldwide Studios Boss said on Twitter.

“My quote by Famitsu was meant as ‘not decided for Japan yet.'”

The quote in question, translated from Japanese and reported by several outlets including VG247, had Yoshida saying the promotion was only confirmed for Europe; the error likely came about due to the context of the interview taking place at gamescom.

Well, good news for those of us in the west, then; here’s hoping Japanese fans catch a break too.

Cross Buy awards a free copy of a Vita game to those who purchase the PlayStation 3 version; Sony has confirmed the scheme for three first-party games, and is trying to woo third-parties in. EA has said it’s thinking about it.

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Cross Buy

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