StarForge devs launch first playable build

By Brenna Hillier, Friday, 1 June 2012 00:00 GMT

You know how sometimes a game appears out of nowhere and you don’t pay any attention and then six months later it’s Minecraft and you’re the only one who doesn’t know what’s going on? Climb on board StarForge right now, hipsters.

StarForge is a free to play effort cobbled together by a couple of guys in their sare time, and packs in some pretty amazing features. The single and multiplayer sci-fi shooter is played over a voxel-based terrain built with a procedural 3D tileset system. If you’re not au fait with game tech, that’s apparently pretty fancy. It’s also got physics-driven character movement. That’s fancy, too.

With all this talk of interesting uses of procedural generation, voxels, and bootstrap development, is it any wonder the project’s fans include Minecraft creator Markus “Notch” Persson?

The first playable build is available now, so no excuses. Interest is so high that it has completely wiped StarForge’s website, but there’s a list of download sources in the YouTube description for the trailer below.

Thanks IGM.

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