Magnetic Billiards: Blueprint claims longer playtime than Skyrim, watching paint dry

By Johnny Cullen
30 May 2012 15:40 GMT

John and Ste Pickford have announced today the top ten players for iOS game Magnetic Billiards: Blueprint have had more than 100 hours total playtime on them each, more than playing Skyrim or even watching paint dry.

The pair said the top player in the game’s leaderboards has racked up more than 400 hours whilst playing it.

“The top player on the leaderboard has currently played the game for almost 400 hours,” said John Pickford, “which is probably the total amount of time I’ve spent on Bethesda RPGs Skyrim, Oblivion, Fallout 3 and New Vegas combined.

“I mean, I paid around $250 for those four games, and I’m perfectly happy because I got my money’s worth, but the idea of someone getting the same amount of entertainment from our bargain-priced iOS game is mind blowing!”

Ste added: “Magnetic Billiards: Blueprint is a deep and rewarding game which seems very obvious at first, but only reveals all of its subtleties slowly, through many short play sessions over days and weeks, and at such a low price we think it offers way better value than any console or PC game.”

The stats come after the inclusion of a Total Playtime leaderboard from a few months back

For comparison sake, the Pickfords added a table of how much value you’ll get compared to Skyrim and other things. You can pick it up for your iOS device of choice here for 69p.

  • Magnetic Billiards: Blueprint – $9 total price ($0.99 download + $7.99 Skeleton Key). 100 hours gameplay (typical “Hall Of Fame” player). $0.09 per hour
  • World of Warcraft – ($19.99 Battle Chest + $12.99 per month x 11) $168.88 total price for 1 year. 520 hours playtime (2 hours a night, every weekday). $0.32 per hour
  • Skyrim – $60 total price. 100 hours gameplay (typical completion of game). $0.60 per hour
  • Starbucks coffee – $2.00 typical price. 2 hour playtime (1 minute to order. 14 minutes to drink. 1 hour 45 minutes of caffeine buzz) – $1 per hour
  • Watching Paint Dry – $12 total price (tin of paint), 8 hours playtime (2 hours to apply + 6 hours to dry) – $1.50 per hour
  • Avengers Movie – $15.00 total price (cinema ticket) 3 hours total playtime (143 minutes running time, 37 minutes tweeting about how great it is). $5.00 per hour

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