Vitua Fighter developer wants you to feel pain

By Brenna Hillier, Friday, 10 February 2012 04:00 GMT

There’s reasoning behind the over the top reactions of Virtua Fighter characters.

“We constantly ask ourselves the question: In combat what feels good? How does it feel? And I think the response has changed over time,” director Daichi Katagiri of Sega AM2 said in a developer diary.

“To put it simply, we want the player to feel the character’s pain,” colleague Makoto Osaki chimed in.

“For example, when you do a roundhouse kick, your opponent goes into the air. That body is pretty messed up, with its face looking one way and the body facing the other direction. In real life, that would never happen.

“We were convinced that those motions would enhance the overall experience and increase the level of satisfaction.”

Watch the full developer diary below; there’re some interesting comments on the fighter series’ history. AM2 is preparing to release a second revision of Virtua Fighter 5, which first releases in Japanese arcades back in 2006.

Thanks, Evil Avatar.

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