New Windows Phone 7 OS to add more Xbox Live features

By Stace Harman, Thursday, 18 August 2011 08:15 GMT

The latecomer to the smartphone party, WP7 at least benefits from having Microsoft’s significant gaming muscle behind it and the latest OS update will enhance the Xbox Live feature support yet further.

Windows Phone 7’s new operating system, codenamed ‘Mango’, will increase support for games with added extras for its Xbox Live support, Microsoft has revealed.

Announced at gamescom, the features will support the almost 70 percent of WP7 users who have downloaded an Xbox Live game on their handsets.

The improvements include: new parental control options, improved multiplayer functionality, the ability to download add-on content for your games and Avatar Awardables – new items for your Xbox Live Avatar.

The first game to benefit from Avatar Awardables will be the truthfully titled, Chickens Can’t Fly, developed by Amused Sloth.

Other games benefiting from these improved features include the recently announced Kinectimals, Burn the Rope and Beards and Beaks: Cave Area.

Thanks, Industry Gamers.

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