Rumor: 3DS eShop, DSiWare transfers given May arrival date in Japan

By Nathan Grayson, Friday, 28 January 2011 06:53 GMT


Why, Nintendo, is that you? Come in, come in. Here, let us take your coat.

Oh, and feel free to toss another log on this nice “when the hell is the eShop actually launching?” fire.

According to Kotaku, Nintendo recently wrapped up a Japanese investor meeting, wherein the console-maker flung the 3DS eShop into the far reaches of May. That, of course, would be pretty far-removed from the portable powerhouse’s February launch in the land of the rising sun.

Most recently, Nintendo claimed that the 3DS’ online suite – eShop, DSiWare transfers, and web-browsing – would swing in to save the day at the first second in the form of a day-one firmware update. We’ve mailed Nintendo to clarify whether or not the May date only applies to Japan.

Meanwhile, Nintendo apparently also used the investor meeting to unveil a Kirby 3DS title, a non-3DS Pokemon typing game (with a bluetooth keyboard), and Wii versions of Rhythm Heaven, Zero Shinsaku, and Pandora’s Tower.

So then, exciting times ahead. How far ahead, though? We’ll let you know as soon as Nintendo gets back to us.

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