MGM pulls Stargate license from Cheyenne Mountain

By Patrick Garratt, Thursday, 11 November 2010 15:20 GMT


The East Valley Tribune’s reporting that MGM has culled Cheyenne Mountain’s permission to work on the Stargate license.

This basically means MMO Stargate Worlds will never see light of die. As if that needed confirming.

While a judge has ruled that assets relating to the game should be returned to Cheyenne Mountain, without the license it can never be released.

The legal agreement settles a fraud complaint brought by Cheyenne Mountain investors against Dark Comet Games and Fresh Start Studios, which were formed by former employees to maintain and expand Stargate Resistance, a third-person shooter released in February.

To date, it’s the only product the company has managed to release, and it was rushed to market just days before the company sought court protection from its creditors.

The last anyone saw of Stargate Worlds were some screens in November last year, released just after Cheyenne confirmed it had run out of money.

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