de Blob: The Underground gets detailed

By Stephany Nunneley, Saturday, 5 June 2010 20:40 GMT


The July issue of Nintendo Power has been dissected, and more information from it pertaining to de Blob: The Underground has been revealed.

Thanks to the folks over on NeoGAF, here’s what else we know:

  • Set in Prisma City once again fighting Comrade Black.
  • Better in every way to de blob- looks better, plays better, more variety and depth.
  • Go indoors/underground- subways, drainage areas these sections have 2-d platforming. More structured levels, must complete story missions to get thru 3 sectors of stage.
  • More variety in missions- multiobjectives.
  • 12 levels feature new gameplay elements like wind cannons, piston-jump platforms.
  • Blob earns new moves and upgrades by collecting inspiration points.
  • Upgrades include increase amount of paint you carry, boost number of lives, increase frequency you perform special moves.
  • Co-op mode ala galaxy, multiplayer versus mode.
  • Spring 2011 release.
  • Halfbrick does ds version set between events of two wii titles. Sidescrolling, 2-d, nemesis is Dr. Von Blot- Black’s top scientist. Comic-book style cutscenes, exclusive dsi minigame,
  • no touch controls

It was revealed last month that the title’s slated for spring 2011.

THQ has the de Blob sequel on its list for E3, so hopefully we’ll learn more then.

Thanks, GoNintendo.

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