Nudity in Dante’s Inferno part of the “fantastical” context of Hell

By Stephany Nunneley, Tuesday, 26 January 2010 21:49 GMT


Jonathan Knight, executive producer for Dante’s Inferno, has told VG247 that the nudity and large demon anatomy in the game is all part of the “fantastical” context of Dante Aligeri’s Hell.

Speaking with us during a round-table interview yesterday evening, we asked Knight about the inherit nudity in the game.

What with the graphically horrible fate of Beatrice at the beginning, the oversize lady boss with “huge tracts of land”, and the mind boggling “bit” belonging to the large demon-boss, we were curious as to why media outlets had not reacted to such scenes like with BioWare games.

“Once the game is out there and more are playing we might see more reaction I think,” said Knight.

“That the game is fantastical in nature, and Dante’s original vision is also very fantastical in nature, I think people ‘get that’, and we took those concepts and put them into what we are doing with the videogame version.

“I think if we didn’t push the boundaries with the imagery it would not be about Hell and our audience would be disappointed. We are exploring that vision, and it’s appropriate to the storyline and exaggerated by the fantastical context of the setting.

“We feel good about it, because instead of feeling more like real life, it’s a fantasy, and that’s why people are more accepting is my guess.”

Dante’s Inferno is out next month on PS3, PSP and Xbox 360.

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