Natal is “very, very exciting,” says Nakamura

By Patrick Garratt, Tuesday, 18 August 2009 21:42 GMT


Guitaroo Man dev legend Mitsuru Nakamura and Harmonix boss Alex Rigopulos have both given clear indications that instrumentless music games are on the way with a bomb, speaking at a GamesCom Microsoft after-party tonight.

“First of all it’s very, very exciting,” Nakamura said of Natal. “I think we all feel the same way,” he added, indicating the Rock Band boss, saying the Microsoft system “has the big potential” to “be the broadening interface” in the next wave of games.

“I think peripherals until now have tried to make the experience of making music a lot simpler,” he added.

“With Natal we’re try to [it] one step further” and let the player “feel empowered when they stand in front of the device.”

Rigopulos went further.

“I think an interface like that will change people perceptions of what games are, he said, saying Natal will, on a “very deep psychological level,” affect how people view games in general.

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