Boy and His Blob is a “massive reworking of the entire concept”

By Stephany Nunneley, Friday, 20 March 2009 15:00 GMT


Majesco’s Joe Sutton, Sean Velasco and Robb Alvey have told Joystiq that the core gamplay of the upcoming remake of A Boy and His Blob will remain the same as the original, but that it’s be completely revamped and reworked.

“Gameplay-wise, this game is a massive reworking of the entire A Boy and His Blob concept”, said Sean Velasco.

“The play control and game flow has all been thrown out and totally rethought. You can jump, aim your jellybean throws, select beans quickly, and interact in more meaningful ways with the blob. The previous game could be confusing and obtuse; this game has a smoother learning curve that ramps up to very fiendish puzzles, especially towards the end.

“Presentation-wise, the game has obviously undergone a complete overhaul too”, he added. “The hand-drawn animation and heartwarming look cause the player to become very invested in the characters. The soaring musical score also adds to the charm. While the gameplay is always the key to the fun, the presentation helps to elevate the entire experience.”

As far as releasing the original game on Wii’s Virtual Console?

“Putting NES games on the disc is a tricky situation. Stay tuned for more on what we have planned to honor the original game”, said Velasco.

Full interview through the link.

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