Peter Moore talks WMP, EA Sports Active, Ali vs Tyson

By Stephany Nunneley, Saturday, 14 March 2009 00:30 GMT


EA Sports’ Peter Moore has spoken to Sporting News about how his new sports games – coupled with Wii MotionPlus – are going to change the way gamers perceive the genre.

As an avid tennis player, Moore wanted people to get up off the couch to play Grand Slam Tennis, he said.

“What the Wii MotionPlus allows you to do is do a true authentic sports motion. When you swing the racket and you bring it back for an overhead lob or smash, then that is reflected,” he said.

“The amount of sensitivity that now brings allows true sports motion. It’s the same with golf. What you can do with Wii Motion Plus is truly bring it back, swing through the club and then it allows you to hit draws, fades and hooks.”

Moore also talked about how with current-gen consoles, even best-sellers like Tiger Woods did not offer a “full” form of interaction with Wii’s controls, with which the company has found developmentally difficult to attain total immersion.

“It’s been a little more difficult when you take a game like basketball and how do you bring that to life with the Wii Remote? When you take a game like hockey, it’s a little easier because you’ve got a stick in your hand,” he said.

“Tiger has been great. We’ve made some strides with Madden. I think you’ll find that the work we’re going to do in Tennis in particular, where it feels very natural and you’ve got this range of motion that recognizes your wrist turning that is going to allow to have some sensitivity in the racket”.

Moving on to EA Sports Active, Moore is not deterred by people who purchased Wii Fit. He feels that the exercises contained in that game were more appealing to balance and coordination enthusiasts — meaning more of an Eastern philosophy to exercise.

Western physical fitness is based more around cardio, and this is where he feels EA will succeed with Sports Active.

Finally, asked about the cover to EA Fight Night Round 4 featuring Ali and Tyson, he said that the cover was chosen because it would be a “quintessential” dream fight.

“Ali will hold him off for six or seven rebounds, keeping him at arm’s length and then go in for the kill and probably take a knockout by 10 or 11 — or in the old days, round 12 or 13,” he said.

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