Forbes writer defends Rock Band “shameless knockoff” accusation

By Patrick Garratt, Friday, 23 January 2009 07:15 GMT


After calling Rock Band a “shameless knockoff” in an article profiling Guitar Hero boss Bobby Kotick, Forbes writer Peter Beller has defended the accusation, saying his assessment was appropriate.

“If you define knockoff as ‘a copy or imitation of someone or something popular’ the way Merriam-Webster does, then I think Rock Band fits the bill nicely,” Beller told GameDaily.

The similarities between Rock Band and Guitar Hero are “obvious,” Beller said.

“My terming Rock Band a ‘shameless knockoff’ of Guitar Hero was based on the fact that it came out after Guitar Hero and sported very obvious similarities with Guitar Hero, including color-coded prompts moving onscreen along a fret board,” he said.

“It even accepted the same Guitar Hero guitar controller, I believe.”

Beller’s initial comments caused something of an internet firestorm.

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