Sega announces London Summer of Sonic event

By Patrick Garratt, Friday, 27 June 2008 06:38 GMT

Sega’s announced a Summer of Sonic event, to take place in London’s Covent Garden. From Destructoid:

Summer of whaaaa? Yes, SEGA has teamed up to give some backing to a fan venture for the first full on Sonic Convention which will be taking place in London on Saturday August 9th. It’s a creation of the Sonic online fan base and its arguably two most involved websites The Sonic Stadium and Sonic Wrecks – whilst we’re still confirming details, the event is scheduled to have competitions for big prizes, interactions, special guests (tbc) and the chance to look at how Sonic as a brand has diversified over the years and the output of both fans and the company behind the gaming icon. There’ll also be some surprises in store, Sonic in attendance and the chance to get a play on Sonic Chronicles a good couple of months before it comes out. Anybody intending to come will need to register their interest on the website. Find out more details at

How can you now want big prizes and interactions? If people are actually dressed up as Sonic, we’ll go.

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