CryENGINE 2 will run like “high PC settings” on console

By Patrick Garratt, Tuesday, 8 April 2008 06:58 GMT


According to Harald Seeley, engine business manager for Crytek, CryENGINE 2’s going to look as if it were running at nearly high settings on a desktop when it finally makes it to PS3 and 360.

“We expect the final outcome will result in games that look like they’re running at high settings, or nearly high settings, on a PC,” he said in an IGN interview.

Sounds as though PS3’s given them a bit of stick, however.

“There is no doubt that porting our engine to the PlayStation 3 is the more challenging of our two ongoing conversion projects, but that works to our advantage in the end,” said Seeley. “We feel certain we have the ability to get the most that is possible out of that platform, and therefore PS3 games which run on our engine in the future will definitely stand significantly apart from other games that don’t.”

There’s still no word on when we’re going to see the first games using the code – i.e. Crysis – on console, but the tech was seen working at GDC so hopefully we’ll get something before the end of the year.

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