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  • Ubisoft says 3DS is “powerful,” has Unreal Engine up-and-running

    Many have doubted the technical prowess of Nintendo’s latest little-handheld-that-could – Epic’s own Mark Rein being perhaps the most vocal – but Ubisoft thinks that’s all hogwash. And, more importantly, the publisher apparently has enough tricks up its sleeve to prove it.

  • Epic raises Unreal Developer Kit royalty threshold

    Epic Games has substantially raised the royalty threshold on its Unreal Developer Kit, granting financial breathing room to smaller and independent developers.

  • Ace Team hasn’t forgotten about Zeno Clash 2

    Ace Team, the Santiago, Chile-based developer behind Zeno Clash will one day revisit the popular beat ‘em up. For now they’re all about Rock of Ages, a game which is shaping up to be an imaginative mix that owes a little to everything from Breakout to Tower Defence.

  • Epic demos Unreal running 3D with Gears 2

    Epic’s Mark Rein was at E3 this week showing a tech demo of Unreal Engine combined with Trioviz’s 3D technology. The tech demo showed Gears 2 running in full 3D.

  • Epic’s Mark Rein says making games for Wii would spread recourses too thin [Update]

    Mark Rein has said that despite having over 50 million users, Epic won’t be making games for Wii any time soon. According to his interview with IndustryGamers that has been quoted to death, the firm would have to scale down Unreal to even try to accomplish such a feat. Therefore, it’s just not worth it. […]

  • Mark Rein: New Unreal Engine features “will blow people away”

    Epic boss Mark Rein sat down with VG247 at Develop in Brighton, England last week to chat about the firm’s Unreal Engine. Rein revealed that the engine behind APB (and many others) is due for an update and the new features “will blow people away.” “It’s a very mature engine and we’re adding great new […]

  • Unreal Engine 4 for 2012-2018, says Capps

    Epic head Mike Capps has given a rough date for the release of Unreal Engine 4 to Gamasutra: you’re going to be waiting a while, from the sound of it. “We’ve got Unreal [Engine] 4 in production right now… it’s going to be in the next console generation – our rough guess is 2012-2018.” The […]

  • Sega buys Unreal Engine license for unnamed game

    Sega’s bought an Unreal Engine 3 license from Epic for an as yet unnamed title. The project’s multi-platform, apparently, and details will be announced at a “later date”. “Sega has cultivated some of the world’s most treasured game franchises, and we are thrilled that they have decided to make more games with Unreal Engine 3,” […]

  • Ditching Unreal Engine has been “fantastic”, says Dyack

    Silicon Knights boss Denis Dyack has said that the company’s transition from Epic’s Unreal Engine to its own technology has been “fantastic”. “We completely threw out the Unreal Engine and focused on something that would work for what we’re doing, and it’s been fantastic,” he told CVG. Silicon Knights’ lawsuit against Epic, which claims the […]

  • EA extends Unreal Engine 3 license

    EA is to use the Unreal Engine on more than the five titles the company already has in development using the technology, the publisher and Epic announced today “Under its initial Unreal Engine 3 license with Epic Games, EA has been utilizing Unreal Engine 3 on several important cross-platform games including: Medal of Honor Airborne […]