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  • Alien Breed 3: Descent announced for November 17 launch

    Team 17’s announced the final part of the Alien Breed series, Alien Breed 3: Descent, will launch on November 17.

  • Team17 puts out new trailer and screens for Worms: Battle Islands

    Team17 has released screens and a trailer for its upcoming Wii release Worms: Battle Islands.

  • Team 17 shifts focus to digital instead of boxed products

    UK-based studio Team 17 has said it’s planning to increase the number of downloadable games it produces, and forgo boxed products in the future.

  • Alien Breed: Impact half-price on Steam

    Like cheap stuff? Better yet, like cheap games? You’re going to love today even more: Alien Breed: Impact is 50 percent off on Steam.

  • PSP go issues are not digital-related, says Team 17 boss

    Team 17 boss Martyn Brown has said problems with PSP go have nothing to do with the fact it’s a digital device, but more so because of the price and available library.

  • Alien Breed gets co-op trailer

    Team 17 has released a new co-op trailer for the PC version of Alien Breed: Impact.

  • Alien Breed 2 revealed by ESRB

    The ESRB has outed the forthcoming release of Alien Breed 2: Assault.

  • Alien Breed Evolution hitting Steam and PSN this summer

    Team 17 has announced that Alien Breed Evolution will be released on Steam and PSN this summer, complete with a new name.

  • Worms Reloaded: New 2D Worms for PC hitting Steam

    Team 17’s Martyn Brown has tweeted that a new 2D Worms title is heading to PC.

  • Each episode of Alien Breed: Evolution contains unique content

    John Dennis, Team 17’s design manager, has told RPS that each of the three episodes for Alien Breed: Evolution contains a narrative arc that links all three together, along with its own weapons, environments and aliens. “Each episode is a stand-alone game that can be downloaded and played separately,” said Dennis. “There’s a narrative arc […]

  • Worms 2 Armageddon gets a title update on XBox Live

    Team17 has announced that a title update was released for Worms 2: Armageddon on Xbox Live Arcade. The free update includes design changes, gameplay tweaks and a large list of fixes, which are posted below the break. It was also announced that more DLC is planned for release during the early part of 2010, but […]

  • Team 17 talks Alien Breed Evolution, free prologues

    Team17’s John Dennis has chatted a bit about Alien Breed Evolution during the Eurogamer Expo in Leeds, and confirmed three episodes for PS3 and Xbox 360. “In each episode there’s a prologue level, then there are five single-player levels and they’re really large. Much larger than they should have been,” he said. “There are also […]

  • Team 17: Microsoft bribery claims are "bollocks"

    Team 17 boss Martyn Brown has said that claims of bribery from Microsoft over the timed exclusivity of Alien Breed: Evolution for Xbox Live Arcade, are “bollocks”, although understands there are PS3 owners who are pissed at the exclusivity deal. “I understand that. It’s difficult. Obviously we’d like everything on every platform day one. The […]

  • Alien Breed Evolution to debut on XBLA because of faith shown by Microsoft, says Team 17's Brown

    In a video interview with VG247 last week, Team 17 boss Martyn Brown said that Alien Breed Evolution will release on Xbox Live Arcade first due to the faith Microsoft showed in the developer from an early stage. “I think XBLA still leads PS3 in terms of user base and probably the amount of people […]

  • Vid interview - Alien Breed to appeal to Gears and Halo fans, says Team 17's Brown

    Team 17 boss Martyn Brown’s told VG247 that downloadable actioner Alien Breed Evolution should appeal to Xbox 360 fans’ traditional loves in Halo and Gears of War. The UK studio manager said the title, the first of a trilogy that’s cost $2.5 million to develop so far, could replicate the company’s significant online console success […]

  • Alien Breed trilogy: PS3 version coming later

    Team 17’s Martyn Brown has told VG247 that the Alien Breed trilogy will be released on PS3, but for now it’s a timed Xbox 360 exclusive. The first episode will have five levels, each at an hour long. There’s another three hours of co-op, which is separate content. More on our interview with Martyn is […]

  • Team 17 spent $2.5 million to make Alien Breed trilogy

    Martyn Brown, studio director for Team 17, told Develop attendees that it cost the firm $2.5 million to create the Alien Breed trilogy for Xbox Live Arcade. “It makes it one of the most expensive digital titles to-date,” he told the crowd while  stating that Team 17 employed around 30 people for 14-15 months to […]

  • Team 17 says Sony is clever for "embracing digital distribution"

    Team 17 says that Sony is clever for its embracing of digital distribution with PSP Go!, and feels that UMD just never really took off. Speaking with Develop, Martyn Brown commended Sony’s new handheld and feels that the company has made a wise choice with how game are played on it. “I think it’s fair […]

  • New Worms 2 Armageddon trailers show the return of fire, electromagnet

    Team 17 have released three new trailers for Worms 2: Armageddon. W2A will feature the return of fire, the electromagnet, and the addition of player reactions which has the worms react emotionally to their current situation. You can watch trailers for fire, electromagnet and airstrike through GamerBytes. New Worms 2 Armageddon Trailers,

  • Worms on iPhone looks rather decent

    We’ve known for a while now that Worms was heading to iPhone, but were unsure how it would look until this video popped up. Team 17 Software announced it back in March 2008. Looks decent for an iPhone game. See for yourself.

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