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  • iPhone Plants vs. Zombies rakes in $1 million in only nine days

    “So guys, get this: I had this awesome idea for an action-packed videogame. About gardening! Also, there’ll be zombies and bowling minigames and we’ll market it to a casual audience!” “Wait, what are you doing in the office? Didn’t we fire you?”

  • Plants vs. Zombies showing up on iPhone's doorstep February 15

    In less than one week, we’ll be able to play Plants vs. Zombies on a train, in a plane, in a box, with a fox, and in nearly every other not-so-Suessian location on the planet. Lord help us all.

  • GDC: Premium DLC planned for XBLA Peggle

    So says this. We hate Peggle, but we can’t ignore it, apparently, because everyone else thinks that watching a ball bounce around for hours on end is a good way to use what little life you own. So, begrudgingly, here’s some news about Peggle. The XBLA version of the PopCap game is supposedly going to […]

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