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  • Dead Space 2: Ring Around the Rosie video is creepy as hell

    EA has put out a new video for Dead Space 2, and it honestly creeps us out a bit. In a good way, though.

  • EA Store weekend sale: Mass Effect, BFBC2, Dead Space

    EA is having a really nice weekend sale on PC games, and if you are in the market for Mass Effect 1 & 2, both will run you under $10 each.

  • Isaac Clark wants to wish you a very Dead Space Halloween

    EA has put out a very short live-action video of Dead Space’s Isaac Clark stabbing a pumpkin to death.

  • Steam holding Halloween sale – Dead Space, RE5, BioShock, more

    BioShock for £3.49? You absolutely now have no excuses if you haven’t picked it up yet.

  • Hands-on: Returning to necromorph hell in Dead Space 2

    The first Dead Space was one scary game. Very scary. In fact it was so scary, we left some lights on in the house the first couple of nights after playing it. If you were of the same mindset, Dead Space 2 will be no different for you. In fact, after getting some hands-on time […]

  • Dead Space 2 screens show horrible space monsters

    EA has released four new Dead Space 2 screens from gamescom. Get ‘em below.

  • EA registers Dead Space: Sabotage domain

    Beastie Boys this isn’t.

  • Dead Space gets animated and graphic this winter

    EA announced today the Dead Space franchise will be getting more treatment outside the gaming world with a new animated feature and graphic novel.

  • Visceral “dedicated” to working on PC controls for Dead Space 2

    Visceral’s Steve Papoutsis has said that the developers are “dedicated” to getting the controls right in the PC version of Dead Space 2.

  • Dead Space 2: Visceral wants to make sure fans are “happy” with sequel

    Visceral’s Steve Papoutsis has told VG247 that the development team has listened very closely to feedback from fans and focus testing, and used all the information obtained to balance both the action and the atmosphere in Dead Space 2.

  • Dead Space 2 site updated with visuals and some info

    The website for Dead Space 2 has been revamped, and it is loaded with goodies to get you pumped for the sequel.

  • EA: Mirror’s Edge and Dead Space failed due to lack of support

    EA’s COO, John Schappert, gave a speech at DICE this week chatting about 20 years of technology transitions in the gaming industry. During it, he admitted that both Dead Space and Mirror’s Edge weren’t given enough of a marketing push.

  • EA weekend special is Dead Space, Saboteur and Dragon Age

    EA has a deal going on over at the EA store, where you can get Dragon Age: Origins, The Saboteur and Dead Space digitally for $99.95.

  • Dead Space IP needs a “senior online level designer”

    Guess what? Unless Visceral’s being amazingly cryptic, Dead Space 2 – announced today – is to have multiplayer. The EA studio is looking for a “Senior Online Level Designer for the Dead Space franchise on Xbox 360 and PS3.” Read the full thing here. Did you honestly expect anything less? Via IndustryGamers and Blue.

  • Rumor: Visceral teases Dead Space 2 with an inkblot image

    Visceral has posted this strange looking Rorschach inkblot teaser on its Twitter account for Dead Space. According to D’toid, you can see “some Necromorph shapes” and the “Unitology symbols” within it. When we look at it, it looks like a bug was squished between the pages of a book. Hopefully Visceral will give us something […]

  • Xbox World and OPM to feature Dead Space 2 in next issue

    Xbox 360 World’s the latest magazine to reveal that Dead Space 2 will be featured in its next issue. This month’s issue features a teaser image of Isaac with a “2″ on the page, along with text stating: “”One of 2010′s biggest sequels. Next issue.” Official PlayStation Magazine revealed yesterday that it too will feature […]

  • Riccitiello tells Fox Business that Dead Space is his favorite game

    Fox Business had a chat with EA’s John Riccitiello this past week, during which he discussed all things EA. One thing mentioned was the fact that The Beatles: Rock Band has sold 600,000 units so far and that it’s currently the number one App for iPhone on the App Store. He also told the news […]

  • Reminder: Dead Space, DiRT hit Games on Demand today

    Surely you saw the post on this yesterday, but just in case you didn’t or should you need reminded – Dead Space and DiRT hit Microsoft’s Games on Demand service today for Xbox 360. Granted, you can probably find the games cheaper than the £19.99/$29.99 price tags, but maybe you’re just lazy and don’t wanna […]

  • Dead Space, DiRT coming to GoD tomorrow

    Didn’t buy it last year? Waiting for it this year for some odd reason (you odd fellow)? Good news for you, then. Dead Space releases on Games on Demand tomorrow, alongside Colin McRae: DiRT: the first one, and not the second. Both will be available for £19.99 at release. Thanks, CVG.

  • GTA IV and Dead Space coming to 360 GoD this month

    Microsoft said today that some both GTA IV and Dead Space are to be added to 360′s Games on Demand service this month, which is probably pretty awesome. Dates and other titles: October 13: GTA IV October 20: Sonic Unleashed, Midnight Club LA, Army of Two October 27: Dead Space, DiRT Call of Duty 3 […]

  • EA refuses to comment on Dead Space 2 and 3 rumors

    EA has refused comment on Variety’s story yesterday, regarding Dead Space 2 and Dead Space 3 titles. “The only Dead Space game announced and in development at this time is Dead Space Extraction,” an EA spokesperson told G4. The team behind Dead Space Extraction hinted during Comic-Con that a Dead Space 2 reveal would not […]

  • Report – Third Dead Space game planned

    According to the Dead Space movie report from Variety this morning, a third Dead Space game is being planned. It’s well known that Visceral is already working on a second title. The news came as part of a story saying a director had been pinned for a film based on the IP.

  • Dead Space fifth EA franchise to get movie treatment

    Variety’s reporting that Dead Space is the next EA franchise to get a movie, this one being directed by DJ Caruso. Gears of War movie producers Temple Hill partners Marty Bowen and Wyck Godfrey will also work on the film. Dead Space is the fifth EA franchise to get the movie treatment, others in the […]

  • Visceral – 3 million played Dead Space, 1.5 million bought it

    Visceral boss Glen Schofield’s claimed in the latest EA podcast that twice as many people played Dead Space than actually bought the game new. The developer “did studies on sort of how many unique users there were on the PSN network and Xbox Live. And realized, you know what, there’s over three million people that […]

  • Dead Space: Extraction E3 video is a bit dark and foreboding

    In every shadow, terror hides. That’s what the E3 trailer for Dead Space: Extraction shows you after the break. Looks as intense as the first one. No one likes a mutant alien/human hybrid bent on turning you to jelly hiding in the dark. Just waiting for you. Blame D’Toid should you get nervous watching. Wii […]

  • Dead Space sells 1.4 million

    Speaking to Gamespot, Visceral Games boss Glen Schofield’s confirmed that Dead Space has thus far sold 1.4 million units. Good stuff, and great news for the IP’s continuation. Remember: EA full-year financials tonight. Thanks, Kotaku.

  • GTA: Chinatown Wars struggled “because of what people are looking to buy,” says Dead Space dev

    Dead Space: Extraction exec producer Steve Papoutsis has pinned MadWorld and GTA: Chinatown Wars’ lacklustre reception on Wii and DS down to general unsuitability. “I think that’s happening because of what people are looking to buy, I guess,” he told VG247 when asked if he was disconcerted by Sega’s struggle in Wii’s core space and […]

  • Dead Space wins two awards at 7th Annual GANG Audio Awards

    Dead Space received two awards during the 7th Annual Game Audio Network Guild Awards during GDC last week. Audio of The Year and Sound Design of The Year were accepted by EA Redwood Studios for it’s space-horror shooter, while composer Wataru Hokoyama took home two as well – one for Rookie of the Year and […]

  • EA Redwood bossman talks more Dead Space: Extraction

    A new interview dishing about Dead Space: Extraction has gone up over on IGN, and Steve Papoutsis says that fans worried over the “on-rails” aspect should not be skeptical. Man’s been everywhere lately. “I would tell the Skeptics [sic] that our team is passionate about innovation. Extraction is going to include all of the mechanics […]

  • Dead Space: Extraction will last as long as original

    The Dead Space: Extraction team has said the new Wii title will be a full game, and last as long as the original PS3 and 360 horror. According to and interview over on Skewed & Reviewed: Game will take “about as long as it took players to play through Dead Space,” according to someone unnamed […]