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  • Riptide - players can import saved character stats from Dead Island

    Dead Island: Riptide will allow players to import their saved character stats from the previous game, according to a report on Joystiq. Riptide takes place on a new island in the archipelago from the first game, and will contain a new weather system and upgrades to the game engine. Riptide will launch in 2013 and […]

  • Dead Island players have spent 6,500 years in co-op sessions

    Dead Island’s co-operative mode is so popular that players have racked up over 57 million hours with it.

  • Dead Island dev files trademark for Dead Stop mobile game

    Siliconera reports Techland has filed a US trademark for Dead Stop, under the category “entertainment services and providing an online game via an application for mobile phones and other electronic apparatus”. Techland is the developer behind Dead Island, which is expected to spawn a sequel, Riptide.

  • GDC Europe 2012 adds Dead Island session

    Dead Island publisher Deep Silver is just one of a small number of newly-announced presenters for GDC Europe 2012.

  • Dead Island GOTY version coming June 26

    Deep Silver’s announced the GOTY version of Dead Island will launch on June 26. The new release will include the full vanilla version of the Techland zombie romp, as well as DLC Bloodbath Arena, Ryder White expansion and the Ripper weapon add-on. Pack shots for PS3 and Xbox 360 are below, and it will be […]

  • Dead Island developer likens divisive games to sushi

    Techland international brand manager Blazej Krakowiak has compared a taste for 2011 zombie survival Dead Island with that for delicious – but divisive – Japanese cuisine.

  • BBFC lists Dead Island: Game of the Year Edition for June 30 release

    The British Board of Film Classification has rated Dead Island: Game of the Year Edition, which the site states will be made available on June 30. The classification fails to note whether the existing DLC will be included, but it’s safe to assume it will following the footsteps of previous releases and include all the […]

  • Ryder White campaign trailer released for Dead Island

    Deep Silver has released a trailer showing the new story DLC for Dead Island, Ryder White. With the DLC, players get the chance to play as Ryder White, the main protagonist of the game. It will also include two new blueprints and weapons as well as the single-player storyline. Ryder White will be made available […]

  • “Ryder White” story DLC announced for Dead Island

    Deep Silver’s announced this afternoon a new story DLC for Dead Island, putting you in the shoes of the game’s antagonist Ryder White.

  • Dead Island sells 3 million copies

    Publisher Deep Silver announced today that their zombie opus Dead Island has officially sold three million copies. The publisher had previously stated that Dead Island had shipped two million copies during its release month. However, until now we didn’t know how many had actually sold. Not only did that initial allotment sell, but the game […]

  • Dead Island Christmas give away stuffs stockings

    Dead Island publisher Deep Silver is holding a holiday celebration, giving away piles of loot including a collection of 10 classic zombie flicks on Blu-Ray; a PlayStation 3 with an airbrushed Dead Island design; a 46″ Bravia TV; and a week’s vacation for two plus custom painted Xbox 360. To enter, head on over to […]

  • Germany banning the sale of Dead Island wasn't "unexpected", says Techland

    Techland has said it wasn’t surprised when Germany banned its zombie-shooter Dead Island from being sold in the country. Matter of fact, the firm and its publisher Deep Silver were aware of such a possibility “from the very beginning.”

  • Dead Island Bloodbath Arena arriving on November 22

    Deep Silver’s announced it’ll release the Bloodbath Arena DLC for Dead Island on November 22. Previously due in late September, the pack comes with single-player and multiplayer “Horde-style challenges in four different arenas,” with XP carried over from the DLC into the campaign. The new content will come with a new weapon to boot, the […]

  • Dead Island patch for PS3 and Xbox 360 arrives this week

    Deep Silver has announced Dead Island will be patched this week, starting first with the PS3 on Wednesday, November 9 and the Xbox 360 version seeing and update the following day. The fixes, listed below the break, are already available for the PC version. Huzzah! Now we can get back to killing more zombies. Blasted […]

  • Dead Island developer trademarks Dead World

    Siliconera spotted a US trademark filing by TechLand for something called Dead World. The Trademark is, of course, highly suggestive of a sequel to the first person horror RPG Dead Island, but TechLand has refused to comment. Thanks, Eurogamer.

  • Deep Silver promises Dead Island console patch "as soon as we can"

    Deep Silver has refused to commit to a release date for the console version of the latest PC patch, but promised to hurry.

  • Dead Island PC patch arrives, fixes corrupted saves bug

    The Bloodbath Arena DLC got delayed so Techland could continue work patching up the original game. Today we’re getting a look at what they’ve been working on.

  • Dead Island Bloodbath Arena DLC now expected "mid-November"

    Techland recently opted to delay their upcoming downloadable content package for Dead Island, but never told us when it was delayed to.

  • Bloodbath Arena DLC delayed for Dead Island

    Deep Silver and Techland have announced Dead Island’s Bloodbath Arena DLC has been delayed.

  • Lionsgate to adapt Dead Island trailer into feature film

    Lionsgate has optioned the rights to make a movie inspired by Dead Island’s “haunting, artful trailer.”


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