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  • Champions Online: First paid expansion called Vibora Bay

    Cryptic has announced that the first paid expansion for Champions Online will be called Vibora Bay and it’s described as “one of the Gulf Coast’s largest and most exciting cities” .

  • Next Champions Online update is Nemesis Confrontation

    Cryptic’s revealed its next CO update to be Nemesis Confrontation. All details here. Players will get new perks, new costumes and a new instance in Nemesis Lair. New items are being included as well, such as the Hyper Dimensional Shifthopper Armbands. You can’t say fairer than that. Hit the link for everything, plus shots.

  • Weekly MMO news round-up: Champions, Warhammer, Global Agenda

    Not much this week that didn’t hit the front page, but head on through the break and you will find out all sorts of stuff. Information on the upcoming Warhammer patch, Martial Arts for City of Heroes, and a Beta weekend for Global Agenda. Go on and hit the button.

  • Weekly MMO news round-up: Chinese gender-bending, Aion changes, Star Trek, AoC

    This was a rather large week in MMOs as far as news went, and not all of it was Halloween related. Past the break you will hear all about how Ultima Online is still going strong, get familiarized with the new patch for Aion, read up on Cryptic’s Blood Moon event via a dev chat, […]

  • Champions Online has one million superheroes running around

    Atari and Cryptic announced today that one million superhero characters have been created in Champions Online since it launched in September. “We are very pleased with the wonderful praise Champions Online is receiving,” said Atari CEO Jim Wilson. “We credit the great MMO fan base and look forward to seeing what players create as the […]

  • Champions Online Blood Moon movie and screens are sh-sh-sh-shpooky

    Atari’s put out a movie and shots for Champions Online’s Blood Moon update, which released yesterday in celebration of Hallowe’en. Get the lot after the break. The new content pitches super-players against Arch Lich Takofanes and his zombie things. The video features Cryptic’s Bill Roper, and other devs from the studio, explaining what the Sam […]

  • Champions Online free to play next weekend

    Cryptic’s Champions Online will be free to all next weekend as part of the MMO’s Blood Moon Hallowe’en event. The promo will run from 10.00am October 30 until 10.00am November 2 (PST). All our subscribers will be able to play the Blood Moon content starting October 27. More info here. If you’re not already a […]

  • Weekly MMO news round-up: DC Universe gets Green Arrow, LOTRO screens, CrimeCraft goes free

    Quite a bit of stuff regarding MMOS this week. CrimeCraft will go free-to-play, Turbine released new screens for Siege of Mirkwood, Green Arrow is making his way into DC Universe online, there are a couple updates on World of Warcraft movies, and a whole other bunch of stuff happened too. Read on past the break […]

  • Weekly MMO round up: WoW’s Pirate Day, Aion provides a server listing, EVE is everywhere

    Loads of news this week in MMO land, kiddos. Massively is giving away Beta keys to Star Trek Online, Aion dropped GameGuard and launched its first server, Pirates are everywhere, and Sony is giving you double station cash this weekend. There is also news concerning Champions Online, EVE, Guild Wars 2, EverQuest, Warhammer, Runes of […]

  • Champions Online: Blood Moon coming late October

    Cryptic’s announced the first content addition to Champions Online in Blood Moon, a spooky patch due late October. Zombies, werewolves and Takofanes, “the Undying Lord,” all feature, as does a new Celestial powerset (thanks Phoenixblight). Atari MMO Champions Online hit the US yesterday, and releases in Europe on Friday. Buy it, because it’s awesome. We […]

  • Champions Online launches in US, Friday for Europe

    Cryptic MMO Champions Online is now on sale in the US, Atari’s confirmed. European’s will get the game on Friday. If you want to get superheroing, take a look at the official site for more info. We gave this a run-out over the weekend and had plenty fun. You will to. We spoke to Cryptic […]

  • Weekly MMO news round-up, August 29: Turbine suing Atari, The Green Lantern, LEGO subscription model

    Loads of stuff happened this week in MMO land, and some of it is posted for you after the break. Should you choose to click on through, you will find why Turine is suing Atari, get caught up on The Green Lantern and DC Universe’s Beta status, hear about new goodies coming to EQII, lament […]

  • MS foot-dragging on 360 MMOs is “baffling,” says Cryptic boss

    Cryptic CCO Jack Emmert has described Microsoft’s apparent deadlock with developers over how MMOs are to work on Live as “baffling”. His comments, made to VG247 in this week’s podcast, mirror those given to us by the FFXIV team in Cologne this month, which said the Square MMO was a timed PS3 exclusive partly because […]

  • Champions Online: Four content updates a year, DLC plans revealed “launch day”

    Soon-to-be-launched Cryptic MMO Champions Online will see a minimum of three and most likely four proper content updates every year, chief creative officer Jack Emmert has told VG247. “I think our battle plan is four a year, but we might have to scale that down to three a year; I don’t know,” said the developer, […]

  • VG247 podcast #6 – Cryptic boss on Champions Online, Ellie Gibson on GamesCom

    Lots going on this week. The latest episode in our amazing podcast features Cryptic legend Jack Emmert on the imminent launch of anticipated MMO Champions Online, as well as dep ed Ellie Gibson talking to Steph and I about the mighty GamesCom. There’s mention of sausages and sex with aliens in there, as well. […]

  • Champions Online life-subs restriction “passed down from on high,” says Emmert, offers reinstated

    Following news last night that Champions Online’s lifetime and six-monthly subs offers had been pulled, Cryptic’s confirmed that both deal are now available again, completely unrestricted, until 11.59pm PST on August 31. Cryptic’s creative director, Jack Emmert, told VG247 on the phone last night that unexpected popularity for the offers had caused the company to […]

  • Cryptic sold-out of Lifetime Subs for Champions Online

    Cryptic Studios has has sold-out of Lifetime and Six-Month Subscriptions for its upcoming Champions Online. The special offer was suppose to last until September 1, but unfortunately, Cryptic only allotted for so many in the first place and subsequently ran out. Because of this, many hoping to get in on the deal are quite perturbed. […]

  • Champions Online goes gold

    Cryptic’s announced that Champions Online has gone gold and will meet the date it was given of September 4 for PC Umm… thats pretty much it. Read the PR, after the break.

  • Weekly PC sales for D2D and Steam, August 8 – DoWII, Champions Online

    Digital download sites Steam and Direct2Drive have released charts for week ending August 8. Looks like Dawn of War II led the group over on Steam, with the Aion Collector’s Edition pre-sale still going strong. Over on D2D, Champions Online preorders have taken over, with Fallout 3 and the Sims 3 still doing well. Here’s […]

  • Namco Bandai announces GamesCom line-up

    Namco Bandai announced it’s GamesCom line-up this morning. Games confirmed include Tekken 6, Katamari Forever, Tales of Symphonia, Champions Online and more. Here’s the full list: Tekken 6 (Playstation 3/Xbox 360) Dragon Ball: Rising Blast (Playstation 3/Xbox 360) Dragon Ball: Revenge of King Piccolo (Wii) One Piece Unlimited Cruise 2 (Wii) Tales of Symphonia: Dawn […]

  • Champions Online – lifetime sub costs £120 in UK

    A lifetime sub to Champions Online will cost £120 in the UK, Atari just confirmed. A $200 figure was put on the US deal yesterday. Monthly fees will cost $14.99, €12.99 EUR and £8.99. It’s out in September. PR after the break.

  • Champions Online video shows off melee powers

    Cryptic has released a new video for Champions Online focusing on the melee powers characters can pull-off in the game. The teleportation travel power has also been highlighted which, as you will see, looks rather cool. It’s posted after the break courtesy of IGN. Via Massively.

  • Play Champions Online forever for $200

    Atari’s released details of subs deals for Champions Online, offering life-long play for $200. Six months’ championing will cost $60. Both deals are available until the end of August. If you order either, you get beta access to Star Trek Online. See here. Champions Online ships on September 4. Thanks, EG.

  • Sign up for Champions Online newletter, get an in-game action figure

    Cryptic Studios has announced via its official website that those who sign up for the Champions Online Newsletter will receive an “action figure” that resembles your online character. To get it, all you have to do is sign up by August 31, purchase the game and then log in to the MMO when it launches […]

  • UK preorder details for Champions Online

    Preorder goodies are being offered through UK retailers for Champions Online. Play UK is handing out Beta access with a game headstart code so you can get to playing a week before the rest of the masses. Also, the following in-game item unlock codes will be handed out for: Neutronium Shoulder Generators – Twin shoulder […]

  • Champions Online vid shows of mental character creation tools

    After the break there’s a video of Bill Roper detailing Champions Online’s character creation tools, and it really does look bonkers. It’s cool stuff. The MMO’s out in September for PC, with a 360 version to follow. The beta starts August 17.

  • Non-PS Ghostbusters and Champions Online dated in Europe

    Namco Bandai Partners, the new publishing arm of Atari in EU, has slapped on dates for Champions Online and the multi-platform editions of Ghostbusters: The Video Game. Champions Online will be released on October 9 for PC, while Ghostbusters will see a release on Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii, Nintendo DS and PSP on October 24. […]

  • Champions Online open Beta gets a date with preorder goodies

    Champions Online goes into open Beta on August 17, and if you want in on all the fun, all you have to do is preorder the game to guarantee access to the Beta. There are four different preorder options to choose from: GameStop: Receive access to the Early Start Program. Battle an alien menace, collect […]

  • Champions Online gets 10 new super screens

    Cryptic has put out ten, brand spanking new screenshots of Champions Online and Massively took up the mantle and hosted them. The superhero MMO is shaping up very nicely indeed, we reckon. Shame there’s no date yet.

  • Weekly MMO news round-up: WoW lands on App Store, Champions Online will have microtransactions

    Ensign’s Log, Stardate 63048.5: This week was the Develop Conference in Brighton and quite a bit of interesting news was announced for MMOs across the galaxy, but that was already covered on the main page. Therefore, to make things more compact, the rest of the news has been complied into one entry. Read on past the […]