Battlefield 2

Battlefield back-catalogue to be transitioned from Gamespy

Battlefield fans will still be able to enjoy older games in the franchise after Gamespy is shuttered.


Battlefield 2 headlines

  • Games on Demand gets CoD4, BF2, Battlestations: Midway

    Microsoft has added some war games to its Games on Demand service, in the form of the original Modern Warfare, Battlestations: Midway, and Battlefield 2.

  • Battlefield 2 patch 1.50 arrives on September 1

    Battlefield 2′s official 1.50 patch will be released this coming Tuesday, September 1, after being in the works for about a year or so. The patch will add the Operation Blue Pearl map added to the game, widescreen support, the ability to use the Novint Falcon controller and the usual changes and bug fixes. Players […]

  • Upcoming Battlefield 2 patch to include Operation Blue Pearl map

    A new Battlefield 2 map, Operation Blue Pearl, will be added to the game with DICE’s next patch. This map will be included in both BF2 and Battlefield 2142. The developers felt that BF2 “lacked a map with a beach landing scenario” like Omaha Beach in BF 1942, thus the addition of the beach setting. […]