PS4 user survey suggests new console updates: rep system, name-changing & more

Wednesday, 2nd April 2014 08:32 GMT By Dave Cook

PlayStation 4 users were recently given the chance to participate in a survey that asked if they’d like to see certain new functions added to the console. The questions have been outed, giving us a potential glimpse of what’s to come from Sony.


The survey was reported by VGXNetwork, and as you can see, makes mention of potential new user functions, such as the option to go invisible online, cross-platform chat options, and a reputation system.

We’ve contacted Sony for comment. Stay tuned.

Via MP1st.



  1. myzombiephil

    Man, I really hope we will be able to change our PSN usernames in the future. Heck, even if I had to pay a small fee, I’d do it.

    #1 9 months ago
  2. RocknRolla

    Yeah the PSN username change is all I need!!! :)

    #2 9 months ago
  3. Panthro

    You shouldn’t have to pay to change your name, its pathetic that Microsoft charge there users and it’s even worse some people actually pay for it to on top of the £30-£40 they take for access to live.

    #3 9 months ago
  4. salarta

    I didn’t know this survey existed. Maybe it was only for UK, or only for select people.

    Username change is probably highest on the list for most people. Most people want to be able to change their usernames over time, especially if they start out with something stupid and embarrassing. That’s very common for younger people (XxXSephirothXxX).

    #4 9 months ago

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