Shelter 2 announced: coming to Steam, GOG & other platforms this autumn – trailer

Monday, 31st March 2014 11:07 GMT By Dave Cook

Shelter 2 has been confirmed by developer Might and Delight, and while the first game saw you playing as a badger protecting its young, the sequel places you as a mother lynx in an open world setting.

Eurogamer reports that Shelter 2 starts with your lynx pregnant, and sees her preparing her home for the impending birth. This involves killing prey and being aware of your lynx’s stamina. Once the cubs are born you must make sure they stay well-hydrated, ferried around and fed to ensure their survival.

Might and Delight boss Anders Westin said of the concept, “The essence of Shelter as a concept is keeping your family alive. But we have decided to let the animal itself set the pace and character of the gameplay. The badger translated into a slow and linear journey – with the lynx however, Shelter 2 will become a much more forceful experience, where improving your techniques for hunting prey takes a much bigger role.”

He added, “We are basing the game features on the lynx´s life and behaviour. That aspect makes Shelter 2 closer to realism, and oddly enough more gamey at the same time. To simply roam the world finding prey to hunt is thrilling in itself. That´s something we wanted to bring in to Shelter before, and it’s fantastic to see it come to life now.”

We’ll have more on the game as it comes.



  1. TheWulf


    This actually made me sit up in my seat, as I loved the original Shelter, despite it being a bit sad at first. And I threw my arms up at it having lynxes.

    What made the original Shelter great was the effort to see if you can make the end result not sad, and… well, I won’t spoil things!

    But yes, I am ready for more Shelter.

    #1 9 months ago

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