PS4 selling above RRP on eBay, Xbox One prices lower through auction site

Tuesday, 26th November 2013 04:37 GMT By Brenna Hillier

Although it’s early days yet, the grey market for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One currently paints a picture of higher demand for Sony’s cheaper console.

According to tracking service Terapeak, as reported by Kotaku, 21,000 PS4 units were sold through eBay between November 15 and November 22, at an average price of $425.50 – not that much higher than its retail price of $399, especially given the high prices commanded by certain special charity auctions.

The higher-than-retail price suggests there’s greater demand for the console than traditional retailers have been able to supply, but the relatively modest jump also implies there’s a reasonable amount out there.

By the same reasoning, it looks like there’s plenty of Xbox One stock, or perhaps less demand, as the average price of Xbox One consoles is $481.18, lower than its retail price of $499, and only 4,467 have been sold. That said, the console has been on sale for a week less than its rival – and it still adds up to $2.7 million worth of Xbox One shifted through eBay.

As you may remember, the PS3 launched with such limited stock that auctioneers commanded prices in the thousands on release day, with the Wii experiencing a similar but less dramatic spike.

The Xbox One launched in North America and Western Europe last Friday, while the PS4 hit North America on November 15. It arrives in Europe and selected further territories on November 29.



  1. The_Red

    Wait, why would anyone sell his/her Xone for 480 bucks? I thought most eBay resellers were in it to sell at a higher price. Even with lower demand I seem to remember that PS3 and 360 were selling a LOT higher than their initial price on eBay for quite some time.

    #1 1 year ago
  2. Xbone

    @1 Maybe noone wants a shitbox so they have to sell it cheaper then retailer.

    #2 1 year ago
  3. CycloneFox

    @1: For some reason some merchants didn’t do any marketing research and assumed they would sell more Xbox Ones than PS4, ordered them and now have to minimize the losses by selling them cheaper. Making a loss of 20$ or no each or having no profit at all is still better than remaining seated on your goods.
    Thats not something like a death sentence for the Xbox of some sort, of course. I think it’s quite normal and getting xboxes to customers for cheap is good for Microsofts share in the market, but not for the merchants.
    (But if you ask me, if there are people who didn’t consider a console for 500$, but for 480$, they’d just buy a PS4 anyway)

    #3 1 year ago
  4. FeaturePreacher

    481.18 x 4,467 = 2149431.06, which is far from 2.7 million. The ps4 sales on ebay, which are 21,000 x 425.5 = 8935500, are more than 4 times that of the xbone.

    #4 1 year ago
  5. Ilovesony

    And now its time for….. “Time with Penello”

    Me: So… The Xbox one is out and it sold over a million units worldwide..Congrats.

    Penello: Why thank you… we knew it was gonna sell well but we didnt know it was gonna outdue our previous system.

    Me: Sony’s Playstation 4 sold over a million units in 24 hours…

    Penello: So did we!!

    Me: Yeah but that was worldwide… Sony did this in the U.S. only

    Penello: But world wide is bigger.. Duh!

    Me: Your missing my point.. sony did what you did but in a smaller location.. they did it in north america it hasnt even come out in europe or UK yet.

    Penello: Oh.. I see… but you are missing my point.. U.S. is smaller then Worldwide!!

    Me: But… thats… nevermind.. okay so are you aware your system is selling for less on ebay?

    Penello: Thats cause everybody already bought one…. Ebay is for the people who didnt preorder…

    Me: But your system is not out of stock in alot of stores where as sony’s system is still in high demand

    Penello: Thats cause we are keeping all the stores stocked up!! its like your not getting it…

    Me: what is it im not getting?

    Penello: Huh?… Your not getting that we planned all of this… we are selling our system on ebay and buying them back and then selling them to the stores so they dont run out of stock!!

    Me: Now sir… does that make any sense? you are losing money on each system..and..

    Penello: No were not!.. we are selling systems… we just sold over a million worldwide..and sir isnt the world bigger than the U.S.?

    Me: Yes sir you are correct…

    Penello: I am?… Oh Yeah.. I am! HA! I stumped you there!!!

    Me: Okay sir what about this optical drive error your system is having..

    Penello: OH NO!! your not gonna blame that on us!! we got them drives from sony!! its not our fault they dont work!!!

    Me: so sony supplied the blu ray drives?

    Penello: Blu Ray? NO No these are OPTICAL drives.. not blu ray..

    Me: whats the difference?

    Penello: well I dont know how technical savy you are but.. Blu ray drives read blue disc where as the optical drives read Optical disc..

    Me: Oh… ok.. well are you switching drives in future systems?

    Penello: Nope.. Too late now..

    Me: Why is that?

    Penello: cause we already sold a million of them and sony told us the drives are non refundable Geez do you listen to anything I say?!!

    Me: thank you for your time sir….

    Penello: No problem… (Xbox on…. Xbox ON!!…XBOX ON DAMMIT!!)

    Me: Whats wrong? System not coming on?

    Penello: It does this sometimes… I gotta let it warm up…

    Me: Oh Really?

    Penello: Yeah.. I gotta go.. My playstation app just told me my system update 1.51 is available…Is that mic on?

    Me: Oh no sir.. its off… have a great day!!

    Penello: Good.. last time I got caught playing Killzone Mr. Gates called me…

    #5 1 year ago
  6. OneLifeCycle

    Haha as an avid MS gamer since the first Xbox, I’m happy to see them losing the beginnings of this console battle. I went PS4 this round. I still feel like Microsoft kicked me with their clumsy release and horrible non-gamer-friendly policies that they only retracted once they saw pre-sale numbers. One company is clearly about the gamers in this industry and it’s not Microsoft.

    #6 1 year ago
  7. Djoenz

    ilovesony you suck ass! someone is back -__-

    #7 1 year ago
  8. dan21

    This is a joke. The journalism on display here is just terrible. Go on ebay and look at the prices, ps4 is going between $550 and $600. While xbox one is selling at just over $600. Obviously that report from kotaku is trash. No one would take a loss selling these consoles when they could just return them to the store they were purchased at.

    #8 1 year ago

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