Prime World adding ‘effieminate males’ and ‘burly, bulky females’ for US release

Friday, 1st November 2013 13:10 GMT By Phil Owen

Nival’s upcoming MOBA Prime World, in beta now across North America and Europe, including its native Russia, is receiving some overhauls of its characters in some regions so as to avoid being yet another action game where your only lady character options are small, lithe and scantily clad.

Marc Singer, a producer on Prime World, knew when he signed on that being generic probably wouldn’t fly in the US, and so he’s aiming to make sure the character options you’ll have once the game enters official release are different from what you’ve come to expect from other fantasy games.

“Whether it’s taking a female hero and making them male or taking a male hero and making them female, making a young hero older or an older hero young or even turning them into something completely different, we want to give a lot of skin options that are not just hairdos and colour changes,” Singer told PCGamesN. “We want to completely shift them from one spectrum to the other — we want effeminate males and we want burly, bulky females; we want animal style stuff and old women and young kids.”

As somebody who plays Diablo III as a female barbarian — who is appropriately huge — this sounds pretty appealing. And in a MOBA market utterly dominated by DOTA 2 and LoL, anything that can help a new game stand out as it move forward will help in its marketing.



  1. Bowser

    “Prime World is a lane-based affair with a castle-building metagame that’s already garnered a large community in Russia, where developers Nivan are based. But it only takes a glance down the banners of its official website to see that the game has – well – a boob problem.”

    Boobs aren’t a problem in my book.

    “Singer noted that one of Prime World’s signature characters – Fire Fox, featured in much of the game’s advertising – wears a leather skirt. Even that must change, he insisted, because ‘it just doesn’t work for the US market’.”

    I weep for the US market.

    Call me a traditionalist, I won’t deny it; I have no problem with girls being girls and men being men.

    #1 1 year ago
  2. TheWulf

    I was so amused by this article title that I’m now interested in Prime World, whatever it is.


    I am trying hard lately to shake this notion I have that gamers are homophobic, misogynistic, low-functioning sociopaths. Basically just crimes waiting to happen. There are constant reminders though that this is indeed correct. I know it’s not always so, but of the mainstream it seems to be common.

    I’d like to shake it because I know there are good gamers out there, capable of thought and empathy, rather than just wanting badass guys with sluttish femme fatales as partners, in monotone settings.

    I doubt you’ve ever talked to a woman in your life.

    I’m sorry, but you can’t be that much of a misogynist if you ever had. I, on the other hand, have. Where do you think most of my negative opinion of gamers comes from? It’s listening to them and how put off they are by us being crass bastards who salivate over polygonal breasts. How horribly pathetic does that sound to you?

    And yeah, it bothers them. They’d like to play games, but at the same time, the women I speak to don’t want to be salivated over by the likes of you.

    I have a list of things that we really need to start avoiding before gaming becomes the largest ghetto culture on earth, and the first one culled when culling becomes necessary. That gamers act like low-functioning sociopaths who can only objectify women makes gaming way, way too easy to villainise.

    So when I try to tell people that not all gamers are like that, all they have to do is point at someone like you.

    Thanks for that.

    If gaming wants to elevate itself beyond this horrible ghetto it has found itself in, then developers need to ignore the likes of you. By having strong, independent women that aren’t meant as sex objects for desperate nerds, women might actually start to take more of an interest. And I’d have more self-respect for being a part of this hobby.

    #2 1 year ago
  3. DSB

    The fact that it’s Russian makes it good. Russia deserves to be served with a neverending stream of homosexual beefcock and robust bullcunts, until those useless wimps running the country grow a pair and let people be whoever they happen to be.

    If it was uniquely western, it would really just qualify as trying too hard. Equality doesn’t mean conformity, and not everything has to be queer oriented.

    #3 1 year ago

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