New Ace Combat: Infinity screenshots and trailer show aerial combat in action

Friday, 18 October 2013 11:29 GMT By Dave Owen

A host of new Ace Combat: Infinity screenshots and a trailer have been released, showing the game’s full-tilt aerial action. The trailer details the online co-op missions that will make up the bulk of the game. You can feast your eyes on it all after the break. Ace Combat: Infinity is the series’ first foray into free-to-play, and is being published by Namco-Bandai on PlayStation 3 before the end of the year.

Says Namco-Bandai of the co-op missions, “The “Online Co-op Missions” is a completely new mode where 4 players create one ally formation and compete with another rival ally team in exclusive missions such as taking back the city from enemy troops, or destroying the enemy troop base.”