Monster Hunter 4 is focus of next week’s Nintendo Direct

Friday, 6 September 2013 10:18 GMT By Dave Cook

Nintendo Direct will swivel its spotlight on to Capcom’s 3DS romp Monster Hunter 4 next week. Prepare yourself.

To herald the September 14 launch of Monster Hunter 4 in Japan, Nintendo’s next webstream will dig deep into the game, and it all goes down this Sunday, September 8 at Sunday at 7 am EST.

Yesterday we reported that Monster Hunter 4 just fell short of a perfect score in Famitsu. Check out what the reviewers had to say here.

Regardless, the rumours say that Monster Hunter 4 pre-orders have topped 1 million in Japan.

There’s no western release date yet, but are you keen to pick the game up? Let us know below.

Via Polygon.